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GPR Requirements

2.000 GPR
Minimum cumulative GPR to remain in good standing

Less than 2.000 GPR
Student placed on probation for the following semester

Terms of Probation
Students have one semester to bring their cumulative or term GPR up to a 2.000 GPR. If the student meets the terms of probation, they are removed from probation and are considered in good academic standing. If the terms of probation are not met, one of two things may occur:

  • Student is dismissed from the University.
  • Student’s record will be reviewed by the University. The manager for academic advising in consultation with the assistant dean of academic affairs will review the student’s file and determine if it is appropriate for the student to continue or be dismissed.

Common Body of Knowledge Courses
Students are required to achieve a C or better in their Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) Courses. The CBK Courses for all Engineering Programs are:

  • MATH 151 & 152
  • PHYS 218 & 208
  • ENGR 111 & 112
  • ENGL 104
  • CHEM 107/117 & 102/112 (CHEN students only)

Engineering Major Courses
Each program is allowed to determine their own letter grade requirements for their courses.  Students should meet with their major academic advisor for specific information about the courses that require a C or better in their major.

Use this worksheet to calculate your GPR.