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Tuition and Financial Aid


Undergraduate Students 

  • Unsponsored students enrolling for the first time in fall 2014 pay QAR 51,053, or approximately $13,987, per semester, excluding summer.
    • Students enrolling part-time are charged per credit hour:
      • 1 credit hour = QAR 4,997
      • 2 credit hours = QAR 8,351
      • 3 credit hours = QAR 11,706
      • 4 credit hours = QAR 15,060
      • 5 credit hours = QAR 18,415
      • 6 credit hours = QAR 21,770
      • 7 credit hours = QAR 25,124
      • 8-11 credit hours = QAR 38,543
  • Unsponsored students who matriculated prior to fall 2014 pay QAR 36,050, or approximately $9,877, per semester, excluding summer. Students enrolling part-time are charged QAR 2,400 per credit hour.
  • Sponsored students pay double the unsponsored student rate.

Tuition and fees for summer courses are based on the number of credit hours in which the student enrolls and are billed at the hourly rate. Tuition rates for admitted undergraduate students are guaranteed for four years from their first semester of study. Students who take longer than four years to earn their baccalaureate degree will be charged according to the fees in place for the semesters in which they enroll until graduation.

Graduate Students
Graduate students enrolling for classes at Texas A&M University at Qatar are billed per credit hour.

  • 1 credit hour = QAR 4,467
  • 2 credit hours = QAR 6,881
  • 3 credit hours = QAR 9,296
  • 4 credit hours = QAR 11,710
  • 5 credit hours = QAR 14,125
  • 6 credit hours = QAR 16,539
  • 7 credit hours = QAR 18,954
  • 8 credit hours = QAR 21,368
  • 9 credit hours = QAR 23,782
  • 10 credit hours = QAR 26,197
  • 11 credit hours = QAR 28,611
  • 12 credit hours = QAR 31,026
  • 13 credit hours = QAR 33,386
  • 14 credit hours = QAR 35,746
  • 15 credit hours = QAR 38,105

The above amounts are all inclusive except for the cost of room and board and are subject to change. Tuition invoices are emailed to students’ Texas A&M at Qatar email addresses and are due upon receipt. Payment can be made at the Cashier’s Office in Portacabin 4 or may be made in installments by post-dated checks by completing this form.

Financial Aid
Non-sponsored students admitted to Texas A&M University at Qatar are encouraged to apply for Student Financial Aid through Qatar Foundation. Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development offers need-based financial assistance through the Hamad Bin Khalifa Financial Aid Program to help students meet the financial obligations of their universities. Financial aid given to resident and international students through this program is in the form of loans that could cover up to a 100 percent of the annual total cost of attending any of Education City universities. Guiding Financial Aid Principles:

  • No matter what Education City university you are enrolled in, you are subject to the same criteria when Qatar Foundation determines your eligibility for financial aid.
  • Annual renewal of Financial Aid is contingent upon maintaining good academic standing. Note that you must reapply for financial aid each year.
  • Once you are granted financial aid, Qatar Foundation will be committed to the same aid percentage when you apply next academic year provided you maintain a good academic standing and your family’s financial needs do not change drastically.
  • In exchange for the loans awarded, you will be expected upon graduation to repay the full amount of the loan according to a repayment plan or to participate in a paid service program at an organization in Qatar approved by Qatar Foundation. You are expected to sign the Financial Aid Contract prior to attending classes (please go to the following link to upload the Financial Aid Contract.

Who receives Financial Aid at Education City?
You must meet the following criteria in order to qualify for financial aid:

  • Have been admitted to one of the universities located in Education City
  • Have enrolled as a full-time student and intend to obtain a bachelors degree at one of the universities within Education City
  • Have provided a statement indicating you have not defaulted on loans previously borrowed from Qatar Foundation

How to apply for Financial Aid
The Financial Aid Application is a strictly online process. You are encouraged to complete the Financial Aid Application online and collect all required supporting documents as early as possible. ONLY after you have accepted a place at one of the universities, you can submit the application online. When you visit the website, make sure to:

  • Complete and upload all required documents in PDF file format.
  • Pay attention to deadlines.