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Best Writing

Are you an aspiring author? Do you want to be published? Have you written a paper for your coursework that you are especially proud of? If so, this is your invitation to share your best writing beyond the classroom with the entire Aggie community and the greater community of Qatar.

What is it?

The purpose of this annual project is to collect and publish submissions of the best writing of current and former Texas A&M University at Qatar students. Our aim is to demonstrate the variety of genres in which engineering students write and to showcase the talents of Aggie engineers who excel at thinking and writing critically as well as creatively. Last year’s edition Why Write? was a big hit (free printed copies are available in the blue area). We hope you will participate in the next edition!

Who is eligible?

Any current student or former student of Texas A&M at Qatar is eligible to participate in this project. You may submit up to three pieces of writing. If your work is selected, you will be asked to sign a consent form including a declaration that you have submitted original work and followed ethical research practices.

What can I enter?

Any piece of unpublished writing is eligible, including research papers, essays, narratives, short stories, and poems in Arabic or English. These pieces may have been written in response to assignments or for personal expression.

When is the deadline?

The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2017.


How do I format my paper? Each piece of writing must be submitted separately and formatted according to the following specifications:

  • Papers must be submitted as Microsoft Word documents using the “blank document” template.
  • If your paper uses outside sources, you must use an appropriate system of documentation.
  • Make sure that all tables, graphs, figures, and images are labeled and documented.
  • Please include a brief biography (50-100 words) about yourself at the end of your paper to be published if your paper is selected.
  • Make sure your piece has a thoughtful title.

How do I submit my paper?

  1. Email your writing to
  2. In the subject line, type “paper submission.”
  3. In the body of the email, briefly describe the piece(s) you are submitting and tell us whether it has been submitted for coursework. If it has been written for a course, include the name of the instructor and the semester or year the paper was written.
  4. Add contact information (preferred email address, phone number, etc.) at the bottom of your email.
  5. Attach the piece(s) to your email.
  6. Hit send and tell your friends!

For further inquiries, please send a note to

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