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Research Capabilities


Having begun more than 100 years ago in Texas, the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) provides engineering and technology-oriented research and educational collaborations.

The Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center Extension in Qatar houses world-renowned process safety experts that are promoting safety as second nature in industry around the world in the name of preventing future accidents. TEES research has made significant impact on the health, safety and quality of life.

In a major step for innovation and collaboration in Qatar-focused energy research, Texas A&M at Qatar launched the TEES Gas and Fuels Research Center (GFRC) in Qatar, with the goal of making the facility the definitive depository of knowledge in the discipline while incubating new technologies related to the production, transport and processing of natural gas worldwide. The center is part of TEES, the first TEES center to be established in Qatar.

The center is a natural fit for Qatar because the nation holds among the most significant gas resources in the world including the largest liquefied natural gas and gas-to-liquids plants in the world, with an integrated supply chain of cleaner energy sources, value-added chemicals and ultra-clean fuels. GFRC will establish strong links with the research institutions and industry and governmental agencies both in Qatar and the United States while training highly skilled engineers and technical staff.

The center will focus on several research areas immediately, including new gas exploration and production techniques, novel catalysts and materials for natural gas conversions, new processes related to hydrocarbon treatment, and new materials and mathematical models for property prediction and process design.

The center will use existing facilities in the Texas A&M Engineering Building in Doha and existing facilities in College Station, Texas. The aim in this initial phase of the center is to bring together stakeholders from across the energy universe to work on projects of mutual interest and make use of existing infrastructure. At this first stage, funding will be used to support researchers such as graduate students and postdoctorates, and to upgrade research equipment.

Faculty members have been involved in all stages of the establishment of the center, including identifying priority research areas, as well as actively seeking funding from industry. This engagement will continue and further strengthen in the months to come because the power of the center lies in the contribution of its collaborating faculty. The direct participation of 22 faculty members based at both College Station and Qatar campuses will provide students an excellent opportunity to not only work alongside new colleagues, but also benefit from the infrastructure found at both campuses.

This research falls under the umbrella of the Qatar National Vision 2030 and is aligned with its economic and environmental development pillars. The projects open other applications of GTL, which will ultimately contribute to the diversification of the economy and lessen the dependence on oil.

Also, to address the pressing and long-term energy and water scarcities facing Qatar, Texas A&M at Qatar launched the Qatar Sustainable Water and Energy Utilization Initiative (QWE). This initiative will serve Qatar through a productive working relationship between energy and industrial sectors and research and educational institutions to devise and achieve sustainable utilization of water and energy resources.

Centers advance research, technology and QNV 2030

Research centers focus on energy and healthcare

Texas A&M at Qatar launched the TEES Smart Grid Center Extension in Qatar to advance environmental development through smarter use of renewable energy in Qatar and worldwide. The smart grid effort aims to transform infrastructure-vital electricity grids worldwide through computer-based remote control and automation. The smart grid integrates electricity, information and communication infrastructures to produce electricity more efficiently and reliably, as well as cleanly and safely for the environment. The center’s extension in Qatar was launched with the goal of becoming a reference point and key player in smart grid development.

SGC-Q activities support the Energy Security Grand Challenge toward energy independence, as identified by the Qatar Foundation. In addition to work with local utilities, research institutes and universities, the center is in close partnership with Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute and with Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) to develop solutions for a smart grid in Qatar. The center also works with the engineering college at Qatar University.

TEES also established a new Center for Remote Healthcare Technology Extension in Qatar tasked with advancing remote healthcare technologies and systems. Efforts by the center will make it easier to link people to healthcare providers and to enable them to receive timely, personalized cared no matter how remote their location.

The center is oriented toward creating innovative engineering solutions involving state-of-the-art informatics systems, genomics diagnostic and micro/nano-sensing technologies — all toward improving medical outcomes when a healthcare provider’s physical presence is not possible, whether due to distance, time constraints, risk of contagions or other reasons. Such work is vital because noncommunicable diseases are a major health burden and disproportionately affect the region, and have long-term impact that can be prevented.

The work will involve collaborations on fundamental and translational research with Qatar Foundation, the Qatar Biomedical Research Institute, Qatar National Research Fund, Sidra, Hamad Medical Corporation, Aspire Zone and others, in addition to governmental organizations along with medical device and communications industries.

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