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Leading Multiversity Activities Program (LMAP)

The Leading Multiversity Activities Program (LMAP) is a funding mechanism to support multiversity activities by Texas A&M at Qatar faculty across Education City. LMAP aims to support faculty to develop and execute multiversity activities within Education City through collaboration with other partner universities. Details about this program are available in the call for proposals

Student Mobility Initiative

The higher education ecosystem of Qatar Foundation (QF) is designed to be collaborative and innovative to equip students with the skills they need to succeed in their future careers. The Student Mobility Initiative will be a driving force that aims at providing students with high-impact experiences to achieve this vision, not only through programs between Texas A&M University at Qatar and the main campus, but also in collaboration with other partner universities in Education City. The Student Mobility Initiative comprises multiple programs that enable Texas A&M at Qatar to be a leader for multiversity while encouraging high-impact global learning for students across Education City and from Texas A&M's home campus in College Station. Refer to the Student Mobility Initiative document for full details and program procedures and deadlines.

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Research Impact Initiative

The Research Impact Initiative represents a significant investment in faculty in the form of direct support for research in areas of importance for Qatar’s industry. This enterprise represents an exciting new era in which our ability to conduct groundbreaking research is part of a long-term vision with sustainable funding, and it ensures that faculty have the resources and remit to maintain a leading role in advancing technical knowledge for Qatar and the region.

Each of these research pursuits will be led by an outstanding engineering faculty member who will coordinate activities of other faculty and supervise teams of Ph.D. and undergraduate students. And this is an important attribute of this initiative — it will generate new knowledge while also increasing human capacity in Qatar by fostering a new generation of scholar-researchers among our engineering students.

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Transformative Educational Experience Grants

Texas A&M University at Qatar seeks proposals for transformative educational experiences grants program. Transformative educational experiences, often described as high-impact educational practices, aim to foster academic and co-curricular enrichment by targeting attributes such as critical thinking, creative communication, and intercultural engagement. The Association of American Colleges and Universities’ High-Impact Educational Practices: What They Are, Who has Access to Them and Why They Matter serves as Texas A&M at Qatar's guide for purposes of definition, explanation, and justification.

Responsive Research Seed Grants

The purpose of the Responsive Research Seed Grants initiative is to strategically develop Texas A&M at Qatar’s cross-discipline research capacity and collaboration toward more impactful research for the State of Qatar. The initiative also aims to enhance collaboration with the industry and expand opportunities for external funding. Qatar National Research Strategy highlights four overarching areas of priority for research in Qatar. Those broad themes, listed below, encompass and enumerate specific areas of interest for research pursuits that are particularly relevant for Qatar:

  1. energy and environment
  2. health
  3. information and communication technology
  4. social sciences, arts and humanities

Projects selected for funding must will focus on the impact of the proposed research on the State of Qatar and the potential of engaging local stakeholders and industry in the future.

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Travel Grants for Collaborations with the Home Campus

The program aims to support faculty to travel to College Station and spend time with Texas A&M University faculty to develop collaborative projects in education (new courses) and/or research (new NPRP proposals, recruit Ph.D. students), work with the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) to develop teaching innovation projects, or with the Global Programs Office to discuss study abroad opportunities to main campus and others. The program will support travel expenses related to the visit.

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TAMUQ-Industry Collaboration Incentive Program

This program, which aligns with our agreement with Qatar Foundation, aims to enhance partnerships between Texas A&M University at Qatar and the local industry in Qatar (national, public and private; and international companies in Qatar). Texas A&M University at Qatar is seeking research activities that focus on high-impact areas that can have direct contributions to Qatar and the region. This new program will supply funds to match support (in-cash only) received from the industry to initiate new research projects and programs. For more information, click here.

QNRF National Priorities Research Program Cluster Projects (NPRP-C)

Texas A&M University at Qatar will support the National Priorities Research Program Cluster Projects (NPRP-C) from Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) with in-cash co-funding support. The NPRP-C focuses on research programs within high-impact areas that will lead to direct contributions for the development of the State of Qatar — a goal that Texas A&M University at Qatar aims to make an impact on. 

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QNRF National Priorities Research Program — Standard (NPRP-S)

Texas A&M University at Qatar will support the National Priorities Research Program - Standard (NPRP-S) from Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) with an annual cost-sharing based on professorship rank. The NPRP-S aims to support research programs in high-impact with a direct benefit to the development of the State of Qatar’s society and economy.

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QNRF Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP)

The Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP) offered by the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) and supported by Texas A&M University at Qatar aims to provide undergraduate students with valuable scientific research experience for future professional and academic development. In this program, faculty members will mentor undergraduate students to undergo research that is relevant to their area of expertise. Faculty members will be granted a cash grant from QNRF and additional funds from Texas A&M University in Qatar to conduct these projects with their undergraduate students.

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