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Texas A&M University at Qatar is a leader for Qatar Foundation’s vision for multiversity to enrich learning and success of students in Qatar Foundation’s partner universities. The multiversity vision aligns with Texas A&M’s own purpose of developing leaders dedicated to serving the greater good, and we understand that graduates will be better equipped as engineering leaders through diverse experiences that cultivate holistic learning and multidimensional skills beyond the traditional classroom.

Multiversity engagement is woven throughout Texas A&M at Qatar’s strategic plan and priority initiatives. This includes teaching, research, engagement and outreach. Texas A&M at Qatar is continuously working to identify and implement ways to collaborate with other partner universities across the gamut of our mission, and this includes current students, former students and even future students who participate in STEM activities and academic enrichment.

Here are a few ways we ensure a seamless multiversity experience:

Cross registration

Students at Texas A&M at Qatar and other partner universities have the unique ability to cross register for courses in the other partner universities. Students can explore business and entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, understand the media landscape at Northwestern University in Qatar, take a course on art history at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar and a course in the geopolitics of energy industry in Georgetown University in Qatar. This experience is unique to Qatar Foundation’s flagship Education City model. 

We also work closely with Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s Computer Engineering Program to offer courses and labs at Texas A&M at Qatar for their students, as well as, aligning course schedules to encourage more cross-registration.

For more information on cross registration, click here. 

Center for Teaching and Learning  

Texas A&M at Qatar’s Center for Teaching and Learning is a hub of resources and activities for students and faculty alike. Amidst the 2020 pandemic, CTL hosted interactive workshops related to leadership for students across Education City to attend and connect virtually with their peers. CTL also organizes the Invent for the Planet (IFTP) competition at Qatar which often sees students from other universities participating. In IFTP 2020, we had students from CMU-Q, GU-Q and NU-Q join teams of Aggies.

CTL also issues a grant for projects on transformative educational experiences (TEE) which focus especially on multiversity projects. One successful project was a partnership between Texas A&M at Qatar and NU-Q, exploring meaningful undergraduate writing projects in Education City.

The CTL is also a driving force behind the Education City-wide Qatar Teaching and Learning Forum, an initiative designed to promote conversations about pedagogy. The forum hosted several activities this year featuring or led by Texas A&M at Qatar’s faculty.

Joint academic programs and courses

Texas A&M at Qatar is currently working with CMU-Q to design and approve a joint minor in entrepreneurship where students would take a mix of courses at both universities. The program is expected to launch in Fall 2021. Three other joint minors have been identified for the involved universities to start working on: Natural Gas, Biomedical Engineering, and International Culture. In 2017, faculty from Texas A&M and HBKU began working together to create a dual Ph.D. program where graduates of the program would receive two doctorate degrees: one in chemical engineering from Texas A&M University and the other from HBKU in either Sustainable Energy or Sustainable Environment.

Faculty-driven exchanges

Texas A&M at Qatar faculty participate in several activities with the faculty from the partner universities, even creating and offering courses relevant for students at other universities. For instance, in the Spring and Fall of 2020, Dr. Stylianos Tzortzakis developed a new course for GU-Q students on “Physics for World Leaders.” Similarly, Dr. Othmane Bouhali will offer another course for GU-Q students on “Physics for Peace and Development" in Spring 2021. Often our faculty will also invite their fellow academics from the partner universities to share their expertise with our Aggies as guest speakers and lecturers and — vice versa — visit the partner universities to share their experiences.

Additionally, in 2018, our faculty participated in the QF Teaching Week — a cross-university event that provided a platform for Education City faculty to discuss and share innovative teaching and learning practices.

Supercomputing resources

We host one of the most powerful high-performance computing facilities in the Middle East and a virtual reality system with the mission of fostering world class computational research at Texas A&M at Qatar, Education City, and Qatar as a whole. A large number of computational scientists in diverse topics such as Materials Science, Computational Biology, Data Analytics and Machine Learning at Education City are supported through our facilities. We also organize annually the EC-wide competitions and short courses to support projects and provide opportunities for professional development.

Multiversity graduate studies and research

Faculty at Texas A&M at Qatar are part of supervising and examining committees for HBKU’s doctoral candidates. Our faculty also collaborate with their fellow academics in other partner universities for various Qatar National Research Fund projects. Current active projects include collaborations with HBKU, Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar, CMU-Q and VCUarts Qatar.

Extracurricular activities

Texas A&M at Qatar took the initiative to form Education City-wide sport teams for both men and women’s soccer and basketball teams to participate in an international university tournament in Athens, Greece in March 2020. The tournament was canceled due to COVID-19.

Career networking services

Texas A&M at Qatar’s Career Services staff frequently take the lead in partnering with fellow universities to host and engage students in various networking opportunities such as a virtual career panel on navigating the job market during the COVID-19 pandemic in Spring 2020 and a virtual career fair in Fall 2020. Texas A&M at Qatar collaborated with CMU-Q, NU-Q, GU-Q and VCUarts Qatar in both events.

For more information about our Career Services Office and their events, click here.

Outreach activities

Not only do our STEM experts work with partner universities — such as CMU-Q for the 2020/2021 International Conrad Challenge — but they also collaborate with the pre-university education (PUE) schools’ students and teachers. In 2020, we hosted Qatar Academy for Science and Technology teachers for workshops that introduced them to engineering programs, such as LEGO EV3 robotics and indoor remote-controlled blimps. We also offered teacher professional development workshops that included courses from the LEGO Education Academy, as well as, offering hands-on lab safety training to PUE teachers. 

We also work with other universities to offer continuing education and professional development opportunities to industry partners in Qatar. In 2018, we worked with HBKU’s Executive Education Center to offer a new Fundamentals of Cybersecurity certificate program that explored concepts behind modern cryptographic systems and how they can be employed to secure data and private communications.

To check out some of our other continuing education programs, click here.

Suggestions for multiversity engagement are always welcome. Do you have ideas for ways Qatar Foundation’s partner universities can work together to unlock human potential? Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.