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Best Writing is an annually published anthology of Texas A&M University at Qatar student writing.

Best Writing 2024

Submit your writing and/or photos to our 11th publication of Best Writing! This year’s theme is “Threads of Peace”.

Who is eligible?

All TAMUQ members.

What can I enter?

Any piece of unpublished writing, including research papers, posters, essays, narratives, drawings, short stories, and poems in any language. You may submit up to 4 pieces of writing/compositions.  

Cover Photo Contest

You may also submit up to 7 original photos for possible selection for the cover photo. Images should be approximately 2500 px (width) x 1700 px (height). They must be uploaded in .jpeg or .jpg format with high-quality compression.

Please note that the photo contest is open to students and staff only.

When is the submission deadline?

10 April 2024.

How to submit?

Submit your piece(s) here.

Submit your photo(s) here.

Read the Latest Edition

2023 Edition: Enduring Legacies, Bold Futures

cover of Best Writing book


For details on the submission process and to submit your writing for the upcoming edition, please click here.


For copies of the book, please visit the Center for Teaching and Learning in Suite 310. For e-copies, click on the links below.

2022 Edition: Embracing Ambiguity
2021 Edition: Moving Forward 
2020 Edition: Connecting Communities
2019 Edition: A Thousand Ways to Begin
2018 Edition: Stories We Live By
2017 Edition: What Writing Can Do
2016 Edition: Why Write?
2015 Edition: Best Writing 
2014 Edition: Building Words, Building Worlds

As most of the contributions to Best Writing were originally written in response to particular course assignments, we encourage you to read the writer’s reflection at the beginning of each piece to help you understand the writing context.

Don’t forget to skim the brief biography at the end of each piece to inform you of who the writer is and what matters to him or her.