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Adel Saeid

Adel Saeid

Laboratory Manager

Office Number: 161
Office Phone: +974.4423.0182

Adel Saeid is the laboratory manager of the modern instruments in Texas A&M at Qatar's chemistry laboratories like NMR, GC, GC/MS, GPC, FTIR, UV-Vis-NIR, TGA, DSC, C,H,N elemental analyzer and all the standard laboratory tools and instruments in the teaching chemistry laboratories. Saeid also contributes to the research work in the laboratories.
Saeid was employed by Qatar University as a chemist for fourteen years (1991-2005) in the central laboratories which were equipped with state-of-the-art instruments like ICP/MS, AAS, TOC, IC, and many others, in research and environmental laboratories and was performing practical demonstration for students of the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering and College of Technology for spectroscopy and chromatography.
Saeid took part in the applied research, including environmental scanning of beaches, sediments, biota, sea water and air with Environmental Studies Centre (ESC) at Qatar University.

Saeid has participated in teaching of the training courses organized by Continuing Education and Community Service Committee, Faculty of Science, Qatar University.
In addition, Saeid was employed for the first time as a chemist in one of the industrial companies for specialty chemicals in Egypt (1977-1991) and has gained practical experience through many training courses in Germany (several times), Britain, Sweden, France and Romania for spectroscopic, chromatographic, environmental, elemental and thermal analysis required for the raw materials, final products and research works.

He was a chief chemist of chemical laboratories and worked in the research labs for conducting the projects concerning the products and raw materials. Saeid was a manager of raw materials inspection laboratories before joining Qatar University.



2015 Texas A&M University at Qatar STAR Award