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Betsy Riley

Betsy Riley

Training Specialist

Office Number:
Office Phone: +974 4423 0203

Betsy Riley is a professional writing consultant at the Division Writing Center, where she focuses on bringing rhetorical clarity to both individual students and groups in their writing, communication, and multimedia projects. She specializes in delivering classroom workshops on topics such as Academic Poster Design, Team Building, and Research and Citation. With a Bachelor of Arts in both Professional Writing and Creative Writing from Purdue University, Betsy has extensive experience in marketing, digital content creation, freelance writing, and student writing support. In Spring 2022, Betsy developed Division Writing Center’s first asynchronous training course for peer consultants and presented her project at the 2023 MENAWCA Conference in a session entitled “Jumpstart Tutor Training: Developing an Asynchronous Course.”


Bachelors of Arts in Professional Writing and Creative Writing, Purdue University.