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Dr. Luleadey (Lula) Worku

Dr. Luleadey (Lula) Worku

Training Coordinator

Office Number: 313C
Office Phone: +974 4423 0432

Dr. Luleadey (Lula) Worku is the Training Coordinator at Division Writing Center. Before joining DWC, she served as a Senior Writing Specialist at the Section of Writing and Language Support, SLSC, at Qatar University where she closely worked with both graduate and undergraduate students of different majors. Alongside working with students, she was also responsible for designing materials and programs including short writing courses and various general as well as tailored writing workshops that aimed at supporting students in Foundation, Pharmacy, Engineering, Education and other colleges at QU. In her role as Senior Writing Specialist, she oversaw the day-to-day activities of the Section, including liaising with colleges and departments across the university as well as leading and supervising language and writing specialists within the section.

Dr. Lula has also occupied various teaching positions before moving to Doha in 2014. She was a lecturer at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, where she taught different English Language and Literature courses. Some of the course she taught included Fundamentals of Literature, Introduction to the Short Story, Introduction to the Novel, Poetry and Language Learning, Prose Fiction, Drama and Language Learning, Communicative English, Spoken English as well as College Reading and Writing Strategies. She has also supervised senior research papers on various topics in English Language and English Literature. In addition to teaching, Dr. Lula has served as the Head of the then Foreign Literatures Department at Addis Ababa University, College of Humanities, where she was also a member of different committees including, the Graduate Committee, the Faculty Affairs Committee, the Student Affairs Committee as well as the Junior Scholars Society Committee.  

Additionally, Dr. Lula has served as the Chairperson for the Burt Literary Award organized by CODE Ethiopia which aimed at supporting Ethiopian writers of Young Adult Literature in English. As the Chairperson of the Committee, she directed committee members who evaluated and nominated the best writers for the award. Being a CELTA-certified educator, she also had the opportunity to teach Multi-skill Oriented English to adult Learners at the British Council in Ethiopia.

Dr. Lula holds a Ph.D. in English Literature. Her dissertation focused on literary portrayals of people and cultures - Post-colonial and Orientalist readings of selected novels. she is currently exploring the intersection between fiction and non-fiction including historical and life writings as well as the study of different literary movements, such as the Decadent Movement. Pursuing these interests, she actively attends and presents at different conferences. Her recent publication, which explored the role of universities and female student revolutionaries in a memoir titled, Tower in the Sky, is a testament to her growing interest in intertextuality and multidisciplinary approaches to knowledge. Her article can be found here: