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Dr. Sherzod Madrahimov

Dr. Sherzod Madrahimov

Associate Professor (Chemistry) and Division Assistant Director

Office Number: 317D
Office Phone: +974.4423.0691

Sherzod Madrahimov is an Assistant Professor who teaches organic chemistry courses. Dr. Madrahimov's research focuses on catalysis in particular studying the mechanisms of transition metal catalyzed reactions and the heterogenization of well-defined, molecular, homogeneous catalysts.​

Selective functionalization of remote C-H bonds directed by secondary interactions.

We are developing a method that takes advantage of molecular recognition principles to direct the desired C-H bond of  the substrate towards the catalyst through secondary interactions for selectively functionalizing remote aromatic C-H bonds. Such a method will be an excellent addition to the current strategies for selective aromatic C-H bond functionalization and has potential to be developed further and extended towards other classes of C-H bonds.​

​Transition metal containing metal-organic frameworks (MOF) to bridge the gap between homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis

Another area of our research focuses on application of MOF based catalytic materials to address the challenges of heterogenizing homogeneous molecular catalysts. Bidentate and monodentate nitrogen and phosphorus ligands will be installed onto the pores or surfaces of MOF materials through a series of well-established methods of post-synthetic modification of MOFs. These ligand-containing MOFs will be metallated with a variety of transition metals including Cr, Ni, Rh, Pd, Ir and Pt and tested in a broad range of catalytic reactions. These reactions will have a wide range of complexity ranging from simple hydrogenation and olefin oligomerizations to hydroamination and ultimately alkane metathesis.

In-depth study of Copper-catalyzed intermolecular hydroamination reaction mechanism and development of a general hydroamination reaction

The third area of research centers around conducting an in-depth mechanistic investigation to study the electronic and steric effects of bisphosphine ligands on the individual steps of intramolecular hydroamination reaction catalyzed by Cu(I)-diphosphine complexes. The knowledge learned from mechanistic investigation will be employed to expand the scope of the reaction to include a wide variety of substrates including unactivated primary amines. The proposed work is anticipated to produce a general Cu(I) catalyzed intermolecular hydroamination reaction.


​Postdoctoral - Inorganic/Organic Chemistry, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, 2012-2015
  Supervisor: Prof. SonBinh T. Nguyen
Ph. D. - Organometallic Chemistry, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, 2007-2012
  Advisor:  Prof. John Hartwig
B.S. - Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology, 1999-2003


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 *For highlights see:  Chemical & Engineering News, Volume 87, Number 24, June 15, 2009*
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