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Dr. Ma'moun Al-Rawashdeh

Dr. Ma'moun Al-Rawashdeh

Engineering Assistant Professor

Office Number: 219
Office Phone: +974.4423.0439

Research Interests

  • Heterogeneous Catalysts
  • Micro and Structured Reactors
  • Kinetics and Reaction Engineering
  • Scale-up and Continuous Manufacturing


  • Ph.D. Chemical Reactor Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, 2013
  • MSc. Chemical Process Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, 2008
  • BSc. Chemical Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan, 2004


  • 2019-Now. Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University at Qatar, Doha- Qatar
  • 2013-2018.  Senior Research and Technology Engineer, Albemarle Catalyst Company, the Netherlands
  • 2016-2017. Guest Researcher, University of Warwick, UK
  • 2012-2013. Postdoc, Chemical Reactor Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands
  • 2005-2006. Chemical Engineer, Jordan Petroleum Refinery Ltd, Jordan


  • 2018- Recognition award for commercialization of hydroprocessing catalyst, Albemarle Catalyst Company, The Netherlands 
  • 2014- One of 3 nominees for best PhD thesis in the Netherlands - “Simon Stevin Gezelprijs - 2014” prize in STW Annual Congress, the Netherlands.2014
  • 2011- One of 6 candidates for “Simon Stevin Leerling 2011” prize in STW Congress, the Netherlands.
  • 2010- One of 3 nominees for best oral presentation among 60 participants at the 10th Netherlands' Process Technology Symposium (NPS-10), The Netherlands.
  • 2006- Two years scholarship from Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands.
  • 2004- Award for my BSc graduation in “Environmental Design Competition” in United Arab Emirates


  • Al-Rawashdeh, M., Zalucky, J., Muller, C., Nijhuis, T.A., Hessel, V., Schouten, J.C., 2013. Phenylacetylene hydrogenation over [Rh(NBD)(PPh3)2]BF4 catalyst in numbered up microchannels reactor. Industrial Engineering & Chemistry Research, 52(33), 11516-11526.
  • Al-Rawashdeh, M., Yu, F., Nijhuis, T.A., Rebrov, E., Hessel, V., Schouten, J.C., 2012. Numbered-up gas-liquid micro/milli channels reactor with modular flow distributor. Chemical Engineering Journal, 207-208, 645-655.
  • Al-Rawashdeh, M., Cantu-Perez, A., Ziegenbalg, D., Lb, P., Gavriilidis, A., Hessel, V., Schnfeld, F., 2012. Microstructure-based intensification of a falling film microreactor through optimal film setting with realistic profiles and in-channel reduced mixing. Chemical Engineering Journal, 179, 318-329.
  • Cherkasov N., Al-Rawashdeh, M., Ibhadon A.O., Rebrov E.V (2016). Scale up study of capillary microreactors in solvent-free semihydrogenation of 2‐methyl‐3‐butyn‐2‐ol. Catalysis Today, 273, 205–212