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Process Systems Engineering

Research in the area of process systems engineering at Texas A&M University at Qatar primarily focuses on optimizing the design and enhancing the operation of various chemical and environmental processes.  On the process design side, most efforts are directed towards optimizing the designs of various energy and environment related processes. On the process operation side, however, research focuses on developing new modeling, control, estimation, and monitoring techniques and algorithms aiming to improve the operation of chemical, biological, and environmental systems.


Improved Nonlinear Modeling using Multiscale Estimation


Enhanced Inferential Modeling of Distillation Compositions using Multiscale Latent Variable Regression


Model-free, Data-based Design of Adaptive Control Systems


Training Program in Genomic Signal Processing


Advanced Production Process for Hazardous Waste Treatment


Techno Economic Assessment of Seawater Dechlorination and Impact of Dechlorination on Marine Environment


A Systems approach to the development of Sustainable water strategies for Qatar


Removal of Mercury from Wastewater Using Reactive Absorbent/Membrane (RAM) Hybrid Filtration Process