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CHEN Strategic Impact Series

Texas A&M at Qatar's Strategic Research Impact Initiative represents a significant investment in faculty in the form of direct support for research in areas of importance for Qatar’s industry sector. This enterprise represents an exciting new era in which our ability to conduct groundbreaking research is part of a long-term vision with sustainable funding, and it ensures that faculty have the resources and remit to maintain a leading role in advancing technical knowledge for Qatar and the region. Each of these research pursuits will be led by an outstanding engineering faculty member who will coordinate activities of other faculty and supervise teams of Ph.D. and undergraduate students. And this is an important attribute of this initiative — it will generate new knowledge while also increasing human capacity in Qatar by fostering a new generation of scholar-researchers among our engineering students.

In the Chemical Engineering Program, our Strategic Impact project focuses on supporting Qatar's hydrocarbon industry transition. Part of this initiative is a series of workshops delivered by experts from Texas A&M at Qatar and around the world.

Past Workshops

Hydrogen Safety in the Energy Transition

Advanced Plastic Recycling

Technology Development for Carbon Management and Chemical Energy Storage using Renewable Electricity