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Dr. Haitham Abu-Rub

Dr. Haitham Abu-Rub

Professor/Managing Director, Smart Grid Center Qatar/IEEE Fellow

Office Number: 246E
Office Phone: +974.4423.0110

Dr. Haitham Abu-Rub holds two PhDs in electrical engineering and humanities from Poland. He has a long experience of teaching and research at many universities worldwide, including Qatar, Palestine, Poland, the U.S.A., and Germany.

Since 2006, Abu-Rub has been associated with Texas A&M University at Qatar where he is currently a professor and the managing director of the Smart Grid Center – Extension in Qatar. He also has served for five years as the chair of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Program at Texas A&M at Qatar.

Abu-Rub’s main research interests are power electronics, electric drives, renewable energy systems, and smart grid.

He has co-authored more than 600 journal and conference papers, six books, and two issued patents.

Abu-Rub has received many prestigious international awards and recognitions, including the American Fulbright Scholarship and the German Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship. He is an IEEE Fellow and Co-Editor in Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Political Science, Gdansk University, 2004
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Electrical Engineering, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland, 1995
  • Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, Gdynia Maritime University, Poland, 1990


7/2012-present Professor, Texas A&M University at Qatar
1/2014-present Managing Director of the Smart Grid Center – Extension in Qatar (SGC-Q)
7/2014-8/2019 Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering program, Texas A&M University at Qatar
3/2015-3/2016 Chief Scientist (joint appointment)– Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI), Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), Qatar Foundation, Doha, Qatar
2014-present Faculty in the Texas A&M Energy Institute
5/2011-5/2015 ABET coordinator, ECEN department, Texas A&M University at Qatar
2006-2012 Associate professor, Texas A&M University at Qatar
2005 Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship (12-month Research Fellowship), University of Wuppertal, Germany
9/2000-8/2004 Head of Electrical Engineering Department, Birzeit University, Palestine
9/2001-8/2006 Associate Professor, Birzeit University
9/1997-8/2001 Assistant Professor, Birzeit University
2001 Visiting professor, Texas A&M University, USA (Fulbright scholarship)
9/1996-8/1997 Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Gdansk, Poland




Two issued patents and over ten submitted.



  1. Generalized System Framework-Based Machine Learning for Stability Evaluation of Dynamic Control Systems in Smart Grids, LPI Haitham Abu-Rub, TAMUQ-Industry Collaboration Incentive Program, 2023-2026, $400,000
  2. Smart asset management system with health degradation identification and remaining useful lifetime estimation in electrical distribution system”, PI: H. Abu-Rub, “NPRP13S-0116-200085”, Qatar National Research Foundation, August. 2021 - August. 2024, $509,712.61. (Co-funded by industry – SHELL co-sponsorship and involvement)
  3. Multi-layer Cybersecurity and Situational Awareness to Enhance Resiliency in Qatar’s Power Grid”, “NPRP12C-0814-190012”, LPI: Haitham Abu-Rub, QNRF, 2021-2024, $3,865,000. (Co-funded by industry – KAHRAMAA and other industries/institutions co-sponsorship and involvement)
  4. Enabling cybersecurity, situational awareness and resilience in distribution grids through smart devices and deep-learningm, LPI: H.Abu-Rub, QNRF, NPRP12S-0226-190158, three years (2020-2023), $569,950.00. (Co-funded by industry – KAHRAMAA co-sponsorship and involvement)
  5. Smart Grid Dynamic Control and Management with Big Data Process Platform, LPI: H. Abu-Rub, QNRF, NPRP10-0101-170082, three years (2018-2021), $821,408.00. (Co-funded by industry – IBERDROLA co-sponsorship and involvement)
  6. On Line Continuous Monitoring, Detection, and Location of Partial Discharge and Dynamic Aging in Medium and High Voltage Electrical Insulation, PI: H. Abu-Rub, QNRF, NPRP10-0101-170085, three years (2018-2021), $937,453.00. (Co-funded by industry – SIEMENS co-sponsorship and involvement)
  7. Highly Efficient Inductive Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicles, Primary Research Mentor: H. Abu-Rub, UREP20-101-2-029, one year (2017-2018), $15,000.00.
  8. Microgrids Advanced Dynamic Control Architecture and Distributed Energy Optimization, PI: H. Abu-Rub, NPRP9-310-2-134, three years (2017-2020), $718,835.00.
  9. Development of a Smart high efficiency Photovoltaic Inverters for Qatar Environment, LPI: H. Abu-Rub, QEERI-GC-5008, (2015-2020), $ 1,128,400.00 (on cease)
  10. High-Performance Drive with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on Model Predictive Control, Industry Research Mentor: H. Abu-Rub, PDRA2-1110-14066, two years (2016-2018), $295,558.2.
  11. Integration of Solar Generation and Electrical Vehicles into The Smart Grid, PI: H. Abu-Rub, NPRP 8-241-2-095, three years (2016-2019), $788,993.00.
  12. MW PV Power RD&D Using SiC-based qZS Cascade Multilevel Inverter and Battery Energy Storage, LPI: H. Abu-Rub, NPRP X-033-2-007, five years (2013-2018), $ 4,600,000.00
  13. Hybrid Wind/Solar PV/ Battery Systems For Telecommunication Base Station Power Supply In Qatar. PI: H. Abu-Rub, UREP 08-060-2-018. One year (2010/2011), $40,000.00.
  14. HYBRID RENEWABLE ENERGY GENERATION SYSTEM FOR ECO-FRIENDLY BUILDINGS IN QATAR, PI: H. Abu-Rub, collaborators (faculty members), Dr. Atif Iqbal and Dr. Dallia Ali, UREP 15 - 042 - 2 – 014, $40,000.00, 2014.
  15. Artificial Intelligence Based Fault Diagnostics of Induction Machines for Industrial Applications. LPI: H. Abu-Rub, Collaborator: Mr. Syed Abdi (Qatar Petroleum). UREP 09-021-2-005. One year 2011, $40,000.00.
  16. Quasi-Z Source Inverter based Cascade Multilevel Photovoltaic Power Generation System. LPI: Z. Peng (Michigan State University), PI: H. Abu-Rub (TAMUQ), Lazhar ben Brahim (QU). QNRF (NPRP 09-233-2-096), Three years starting from end of 2010, $1,008,536.25.
  17. Techno-Economic Analysis of Solar PV/ Battery/Fuel Engine Based Hybrid System for Telecom Sector in Qatar. PI: H. Abu-Rub, Collaborators: Dr. Lazhar ben Brahim (QU) & Dr. Amer El-Saigh (Qtel). QNRF (UREP 07-100-2-026). One year (2010), $50,000.00
  18. Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Electric Machines. LPI: Hamid Toliyat (TAMU), PI: H. Abu-Rub (TAMUQ), Co-PIs: Mina Rahimian (TAMU), Hassan Moghbelli (TAMU). (NPRP 08-369-2-140), Three years (starting from September 2009), QNRF $1,022,780.00.
  19. Advanced Control for Wheelchair Drive System. H. Abu-Rub, QNRF (UREP 4-4-4), One year (academic year 2008/2009), $30,000.00.
  20. Advanced Power Electronic Solutions for Variable-Speed Multiphase AC Motor Drives. LPI: Emil Levi (UK), PI: H. Abu-Rub, co-LPI: A. Iqbal. QNRF (NPRP4-152-2-053), awarded in May 2011 for three years starting from Nov. 2011, $1,049,038.80
  21. Advanced Model Predictive Control of Power Electronics Converters and Electric Drives. LPI: H. Abu-Rub, five collaborators from Qatar, USA and Chile. QNRF (NPRP4-077-2-028), awarded in May 2011 for three years starting from Nov. 2011, $1,033,555.75
  22. Photovoltaic and Wind based Electric Power Generation – (Technical and Economical Aspects). LPI: H. Toliyat, Co-LPI: H. Abu-Rub, PI: A. Iqbal, QNRF (NPRP4-080-2-030), awarded in May 2011 for three years starting from Nov. 2011, $1,046,303.2
  23. Single-Stage Inverters for Photovoltaic Power Generation System. LPI: H. Abu-Rub, PI: A. Iqbal, July 2011- June 2012, (UREP 10 - 011 - 2 – 003), $60,000.00
  24. Model predictive control of qZSI for PV power conversion with energy storage. LPI: H. Abu-Rub, PI: A. Iqbal, July 2012- June 2013, (UREP 12-035-2-012), $40,000.00
  25. Five-phase Sensorless Induction Motor Drives with LC filter for High Power Applications. LPI: A. Iqbal, PI: H. Abu-Rub, PI: Nasser Al-Emadi, July 2012- June 2013, UREP-12-31-2-10, $79,949.00
  26. Development of Reduced Switch Count Multi-level Multi-phase Voltage Source Inverter, (UREP 13-041-2-017), LPI Atif Iqbal and PI H. Abu-Rub, 2013/2014, $60,000.00.
  27. Performance characterization of lighting systems-Effects on health, environment and Power Quality of Qatar Utility Grid, LPI Atif Iqbal and PI H. Abu-Rub, UREP 15-75-2-027, $60,000.00


  1. Multi-stage Electric Grid Big Data Analytics Framework for Faster Processing and Forecasting”, TAMUQ- Initiative in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, LPI-H. Abu-Rub, 2022-2026, $267,750.
  2. Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance of Electric Assets and Energy Forecasting, TAMUQ- Initiative in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, PI-H. Abu-Rub, 2022-2026, $267,750
  3. Scalable and Secure Edge Deep Learning Framework- Towards Cognitive IoT-Enabled Smart Grids, PI-H. Abu-Rub, 2022-2026, $267,750
  4. Implementation of Storage-Ready Smart PV Inverter Towards Next Generation Solar Inverters, LPI Haitham Abu-Rub, Responsive Research Seed Grants (RRSG)-2023 – 2025, $75,000.



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