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Wireless Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (WCAI) Lab

Welcome to the home of the WCAI at Texas A&M University at Qatar.

The research team works in different areas of fundamental and applied research in wireless communications, wireless system design, and emerging wireless applications. Our objective is to tackle new challenges for improving the performance of next generation wireless networks with a focus on physical layer design and up. Our current research interests are focused on developing algorithms that can fulfill the demand for 5G , 6G and beyond including energy efficiency, interference mitigation, high throughput band spectrum efficiency, intelligent surfaces for spectrum Management, Index Modulation Systems, physical layer security, resource optimization of Large-Scale Wireless Networks. Recently, we started working on the AI and ML for communication aspects, and novel emerging technologies such as smart grids, electric vehicles, visible light communication, body area networks, reconfigurable antennas and underwater communication systems. The research conducted by the group members including faculty, researchers and students is generously funded by QNRF, Ooredoo and RasGas, and Tübitak. Our theoretical research results are verified by experimental results developed in our wireless research lab equipped with the latest measurement and analysis equipment to carry out their research.

In addition to our research activities, we supervise undergraduate senior design projects, which serves as a great opportunity for our students to learn and work on new challenges in the area of wireless communication.

The wireless research group is also working actively on remote health care technologies. For details about activities in remote health care technology work, please click here.


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