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Electrical engineering seniors submit papers to international conferences

Electrical engineering seniors Skander Helali and Ghida Dandan have written and submitted papers to two upcoming international conferences.  

Dandan wrote and a submitted a paper, "Rest and Effort Tremor Detection Using Machine Learning," to the International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing. Dandan joined Dr. Khalid Qaraqe's research team in February 2019 and has been part of the research team since. Her main focus revolved around designing hardware and developing its associated software. The design’s function was to collect accelerometer data from hand/wrist to study physiological tremors. She later assisted in processing and analyzing the data, and finally attempting to detect these tremors using various machine learning techniques such as a support vector machine (SVM) with different kernels, ensemble classifier Bagging Tree (BT), and a k-nearest neighbours (k-NN).

Dandan will attend the conference in Bulgaria in April along with Dr. Lilia Aljihmani.

Helali was featured as primary author on a paper, "Influence of Fatigue on the Physiological Tremor in Healthy and Diabetic Persons," submitted to the Fourth International Summit on Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology (Nanomedicine 2020).

Helali joined Dr. Khalid Qaraqe's research group in February 2019. In addition to assisting in hardware design and associated software development,Helali also developed TicWatch and wearable applications that collect accelerometer data along with data analysis software. This data is used to detect fatigue physiological tremors. Helali's paper focuses on comparing these tremors among eight female participants, of which four are healthy and four are diabetic.

Helali will attend Nanomedicine 2020 also with Aljihmani in Prague in April 2020.

Other authors on both papers are Aljihmani, Oussama Kerdjidj, Yibo Zhou, Ranjana Mehta and Qaraqe. Both students' research is conducted in conjunction with principal investigators and a team of researchers from Texas A&M University's main campus in College Station, Texas (USA).