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Program Educational Objectives

The economy of Qatar, and consequently, its industrial/engineering enterprise, are continuing to expand. Qatar occupies a prominent position internationally for its LNG & petrochemical operations and exports, and is home to many large international and national companies. Also, Qatar is progressing major infrastructure projects and R&D efforts in various fields including water sustainability and alternative energy. In part to address the growing manpower requirements in technical and other fields, the Qatar Foundation, whose mission includes “education, science, and research”, aims to “to develop sustainable human capacity”. Within this context, the objectives of Texas A&M University Qatar’s mechanical engineering program are to produce graduates who will, in a few years after obtaining the B.S. degree:

1. Have broad engineering experience involving increasing complexity to address the evolving needs of the private and public sectors in Qatar, the surrounding regions, and beyond;

2. Have leadership positions in their professional career;

3. Have met new challenges by engaging in professional development, further technical education, and/or non-technical education.

PEO Review Plan

The faculty reviews our PEOs once per year.  We present any proposed changes to our Industrial Advisory Board for their feedback and approval.