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Continuous Improvement Process

Our continuous improvement process keys off the faculty evaluations of the performance indicators for the seven student outcomes in various courses.  The ABET committee reviews the scores submitted by the professors each semester to identify performance indicators that are showing problems – generally meaning repeat scores below 3.5 or single scores below 2.5.  The average score for a given outcome is also a consideration. When scores below the threshold are observed, the committee brings the issue to the attention of the program chair and concerned faculty members and requests that they draft an action plan.  In cases where the action plan may affect more than one course, the faculty responsible for the affected courses are brought into the discussion. It is also possible for the responsible faculty to initiate an action plan on their own initiative.

Once an action plan has been drafted, it is reviewed by the ABET committee and the Program Chair. When all parties agree on the action plan, it is added to our ABET database, and the date for the next evaluation is set.

Action plans are generally reviewed once a year to evaluate their effectiveness. Reviewed plans are flagged as either complete, ongoing, or under revision, based on subsequent data. Updated versions of the action plans are added to our ABET database.

The overall responsibility for administering this plan lies with the program chair who appoints the standing accreditation committee.