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Automation and Controls

Our faculty, led by Drs. M. Karkoub, H. Parsaei, and R. Tafreshi, conduct research in the area of Automation and Controls and develop new control techniques for the oil / gas industry, medical industry, and civil defense. The Mechanical Engineering Program at Texas A&M University houses two state-of-the-art research laboratories in the area of Automation and Controls, namely, the Engine Testing Laboratory and the Smart Systems laboratories. The research groups in these laboratories produce solutions for the scientific community ranging from unmanned autonomous emergency systems to more fuel efficient engine controllers.


Intelligent Electrocardiograph based on Wireless Skin Electrodes


Nonlinear Control of Internal Combustion Engine for Fuel Economy and Zero Emissions


Nonlinear Structural Health Monitoring


Smart Systems for Field Monitoring System


Experimental Based Characterization, Model Verification, and Vibration Suppression for Drillstring Dynamics


An Integrated Acoustic and MFL Diagnostic System for External Inspection of Oil and Gas Pipelines