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Mechanics and Materials

The faculty and researchers in Mechanics and Materials group perform research that combines the fundamentals and applications of materials science, solid mechanics and constitutive modelling to understand and characterize existing materials, develop advanced materials, enhance manufacturing processes and design mechanical and infrastructure systems. The research capabilities include analytical characterization tools, microscopic systems, rapid prototyping, mechanical testing systems, and a wide range of computational analysis packages.

The research areas in the Mechanics and Materials group include:

  • Nonlinear analysis and constitutive modelling of multifunctional materials for energy applications.
  • Mechanical behaviour, constitutive modelling, and microstructural alteration of lightweight materials and superplastic materials.
  • Fracture mechanics and contact mechanics of functionally graded materials and metal alloys.
  • Development of theoretical/analytical techniques for modelling the static and dynamic behaviour of MEMS/NEMS devices.
  • Characterization and development nano-structured metallic alloys, composites and cellular alloys.
  • Structural health monitoring and damage identification in existing structures. 
  • Characterization and modelling of infrastructure materials with considerations to coupling effects of mechanical loads and environmental conditions.

Investigating the Superplastic Behavior of Twin-Roll Cast Magnesium Alloys for Effective Use in Automotive Applications


Modeling of Environmental Assisted Degradation Processes in Asphalt Mixtures Using Micromechanical and Continuum Damage Theories


Characterizing the impact loading response of friction-stir welded (FSW) bimetallic joints


Toward Low Temperature Formability of Damage-Tolerant High Specific Strength Magnesium Alloys: Experiments and Modeling


Multiscale Investigation of the Relationship between the Microstructure and Deformability for New Generation Ultra High Strength Multi-Phase Steels for Automotive Applications


Surgical Threads Simulations Based on a Novel Information-Theory Approach


Design and Evaluation of short-term and long-term performance Warm Asphalt Mixtures in the State of Qatar


Defined polymers as candidates for pavement subgrade soil stabilization


Vehicle Tires and Road Accidents


Mechanical Properties and Durability of Treated Palm Fiber Reinforced Mortars