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Welcome to the online application process.

We hope you have had time to explore Texas A&M at Qatar and we are glad you’re ready to take the next steps in your journey to become an Aggie.

Step 1: The online application Are you ready to complete an online application? Do you know what type of applicant you are? Please pick the appropriate application below. We are excited about your application and look forward to you joining the Aggie family! Please do NOT submit more than one application. If you have forgotten your password or login information, please contact

I am a freshman applicant

  • I am a degree-seeking applicant.
  • I am in high school or a high school graduate.
  • I have never enrolled in a college/university except to enroll in a foundation program.

The Fall 2021 freshman application is now closed. Please note that the Fall 2022 freshman application will open on 1 Sept. 2021.

I am a transfer applicant

  • I am a degree-seeking applicant.
  • I am a high school graduate.
  • I have enrolled in college/university since graduating from high school.
  • I do not have a bachelor’s degree.
  • I am not enrolled in a foundation program.
  • I am not applying for readmission.

The Fall 2021 transfer application is now closed. Please note that the Spring 2022 transfer application will open on 1 Sept. 2021.

I am a transient applicant

  • I am a non-degree seeking applicant.
  • I am a high school graduate.
  • I previously completed at least one semester at another college/university with a minimum 2.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale). I may/may not be currently enrolled in another college/university.
  • I completed the IELTS with a score of 7.0 or higher OR I completed the TOEFL with a score of 100 or higher (US and Canadian institutions exempt) within the last two years.
  • I have not been denied admission to Texas A&M at Qatar in the past.
  • I want to enroll at Texas A&M at Qatar for one semester. Please visit the schedule of classes for more information on available courses. Select the term and year for the Qatar campus (Ex: Summer 2021 – Qatar).

Take me to the Summer 2021 transient application.

I am a cross-registration applicant

  • I am currently enrolled at a school located in Education City.

Take me to the Summer 2021 cross-registration online application.

I am a graduate applicant

  • I want to join the master’s program in chemical engineering.

Take me to the Spring 2021 graduate application.

Step 2: Submitting documents and paying fees Once you submit your online application and passport copy, you will receive instructions via email from the Office of Admissions at Texas A&M at Qatar regarding the submission of your essay, student resume/CV and paying the application fee online. Reference Forms: Two reference forms, one completed by your mathematics or science teacher, and the other completed by a school administrator or teacher, are required. You can download the reference form here.

Step 3: Checking my status If you have already submitted your online application and you want to check the status of your online application, you can go to the online status check page.