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Engineering Enrichment Program

Engineers are creative problem solvers who help to shape the future and make a world of difference. The Engineering Enrichment Program aims to enhance classroom engineering education and help innovators and entrepreneurs bring their imagined projects to life.

Through a series of training courses, students learn the skills necessary for building prototypes and products, including machining, electronics, fabrication and programming.

The Engineering Enrichment Program has three levels:

• Pros who have learned the skills of machining, electronics, fabrication and programming;
• Mentors who help their fellow students learn these valuable skills while solving design problems;
• and Inventeers who have the opportunity to bring their ideas to fruition — and possibly have their projects sponsored.

There is no cost for this program but spaces are limited. View the training schedule online.

For more information, contact Mr. Yasser Al Hamidi at or read more below.

Imagine. Create. BUILD!
Do you have the right stuff? Are you creative, innovative, motivated, and interested in sharing your engineering expertise? Do you have the next great idea just waiting to be developed into a prototype? If you answered yes, you may have what it takes to participate in the EEP Pro, Mentor and Inventeer programs. Pros learn new skills and how to use the resources in the engineering building. Mentors share their knowledge with others. Inventeers launch ideas and projects that are all supported by the EEP.

EEP Pro — Complete certain short courses to become an expert in a certain field within the EEP

What is it?
A program designed to recognize students who have completed a prescribed set of EEP short courses and are consequently considered an expert in a particular area.

How does it work?

  • Students take short courses made available for registration through the training website.
  • Eligibility will be determined monthly by running attendance reports and displaying this information in the EEP Community Page
  • The following are the EEP Pro tracks available at program launch with requirements for their bestowal:
    • Lathe Pro:
      • Machine shop safety
      • Manual lathe machining
      • CNC lathe
    • Mill Pro:
      • Machine shop safety
      • Manual mill machining
      • CNC mill
    • Electronics Pro:
      • Electronics shop safety
      • Soldering
      • Printed circuit board design and manufacturing
    • Fabrication Pro:
      • Power tools safety
      • 3-D printing
      • Laser cutting
      • Wood working
    • Programming Pro:
      • LabVIEW programming
      • MATLAB programming
      • C programming

Who does it target?
All engineering students with an interest in getting hands-on engineering experience.

What are the benefits?

  • Becoming an EEP Pro allows students to participate in the EEP Mentor and Inventeer programs.
  • Recipients will receive a paper certificate of recognition and a t-shirt. The shirt will be both a reward and a means to advertise the EEP and its programs to others around campus.

EEP Mentor — After completing a Pro track, Mentor students at the EEP and assist them to gain experience

What is it?
A mentor program designed to give eligible students hands-on engineering experience, the possibility for future employment at the EEP, and the opportunity to work with and teach their peers while solving design problems.

How does it work?

  • Applications will be accepted once a semester as directed by the EEP.
  • The goal is to have the most rounded and diverse pool of students possible at any one time; ideally, each EEP Pro track will be represented.
  • Students spend approximately four to six hours a week mentoring in the EEP. In addition to tackling engineering problems, students will assist with special events, help students with their projects as needed, and have the ability to develop classes based on their expertise (Example: Quadcopters).
  • In order to be eligible, students must have completed, at a minimum, one EEP Pro track and submit an online application for selection.

Who does it target?

  • Students who have completed an EEP Pro track, have a specialized skill and/or knowledge set, and desire to share their experience with other students.
  • Students with an interest in furthering their rapid prototyping skills and gaining additional experience producing components of engineering systems and solving engineering systems challenges.

What are the benefits?

  • In addition to the possibility of future employment in the EEP, this program would give students additional hands-on experience, the ability to teach, and mentor hours to add to their resume.
  • EEP Mentors would gain EEP Resident status and, as such, receive a special badge allowing them access to normally restricted areas in the EEP.


EEP Inventeer — Lead innovation on our campus by turning your ideas into reality

Program goal:
Empower engineering students with interest in innovation and entrepreneurship to pursue student-led efforts promoting innovation and entrepreneurial mindsets among fellow engineering students.

What is it?

  • Leadership and impact opportunity — The program provides interested students and student teams the opportunity, materials, and support to pursue unique and innovative projects to enhance the educational experience of students at the Engineering Enrichment Program, classroom, and around our campus.
  • Valuable Engineering Experience — Each Inventeer is required to select and pursue a semester project either alone or in a team of Inventeers. There are two options for projects:
    1. Select to pursue a project associated with one of these topics:
      • Electric car
      • Augmented reality — EEP/classroom/campus
      • Quadcopter projects
      • Solar and wind turbine power generation
      • App dvelopment
    2. Submit your own idea for a new innovative project for approval.
  • Access to funding — Inventeers may apply for funds to support prototype development.
  • Visibility — Inventeers will be invited to present their work to students, visitors and industry.
  • Recognition — Candidates who successfully complete the semester project will be recognized as innovation and entrepreneurship student leaders on the EEP website. 

Interested students are invited to apply to Mr. Yasser Al Hamidi ( and submit the following:

  • Project topic — Select project topic of interest or submit your idea for a new project
  • Project description — Describe the project and what you expect to accomplish by the end in a one-page proposal
  • Impact — Please describe how your project will make an impact in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship among our students
  • Submit résumé


  • Develop and pursue semester project plan with milestones and end-of-semester deliverables
  • Complete a number of short courses based on their proposal to further enhance your skills
  • Present project status in bi-weekly group meetings with all Inventeers and EEP staff
  • Deliver hardware/software project deliverables for implementation
  • Present your project to industry at different showcase events
  • Work at least 4-5 hours per week on the project