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The EEP is a creative learning zone where students have the opportunity to showcase their multi-disciplinary talents, and acquire elite engineering proficiencies, develop global competencies, and core leadership insights.

The program is based on three different components:

Training & Professional Development

It consists of short training courses that vary from one to five days long, hosted during the academic calendar breaks.

The trainings are classified in two tracks. Technical which brings in Rapid Prototyping, Machining, Programming, Electronic, CAD/CEA, and others. Non-Technical which holds soft skills, business and managerial skills. Some of the courses allow students to get certified internationally.

Innovation Management

Cultivate engineering students with interest in innovation to pursue student-led efforts to bring their creative ideas to fruition. This component promotes entrepreneurial mindsets by providing students with the opportunity, skills, and support to build their inventions. E.g., Invent for the Planet, the challenge brought by the main campus and organized by EEP at Qatar campus.

Projects & Competitions

The EEP has various ongoing projects which students can choose to join based on their interest. It gives them the opportunity to participate in competitions locally and internationally.