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Initiative in Teaching Innovation and Excellence

Click here for a copy of the Spring 2018 iTIE Information Session

The Initiative in Teaching Innovation and Excellence (iTIE) supports and encourages faculty and teaching staff in the development of innovative, student-centered methodologies to improve learning.

Dr. Ashfaq Bengali, Professor of Chemistry, is the Director of iTIE.

Khadija Mahsud is iTIE’s Instructional Consultant.

Dr. Amy Hodges, Instructional Assistant Professor of English, is iTIE’s Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator.

Instructional Consulting

Khadija Mahsud is the iTIE’s Instructional Consultant. She has a Master’s in Library and Information Studies as well as three years of experience teaching and working with Aggie students. Aside from developing and implementing teaching-related workshops, lectures, and events, the Instructional Consultant can also assist with

― Identifying opportunities for innovation in your classroom as well how to document your teaching practice for possible research use

― Developing measurable and easily implementable changes to create an active and collaborative learning environment

― Identifying mechanisms to collect and interpret student feedback in your class

― Creating and maintaining teaching portfolios

― Developing and enhancing the peer observation process and skills

Khadija is happy to meet with interested faculty in 313A. She can be contacted at

Writing Across the Curriculum

Dr. Amy Hodges is the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Coordinator. She has a Ph.D. in English with an emphasis in rhetoric and composition, and twelve years of experience teaching writing in three countries. In addition to her work teaching ENGL 104 (Rhetoric and Composition) and ENGL 210 (Technical and Business Writing), she maintains an active research program in the field of Writing Across the Curriculum and Writing in the Disciplines.

The WAC Coordinator can assist with

― Consulting on best practices of teaching writing and communication to multilingual writers and STEM students

― Providing feedback on assignment descriptions and rubrics for writing and communication tasks

― Mapping communication assignments to course outcomes, ABET outcomes, and W course requirements

― Coordinating in-class workshops with ASC staff and assisting with in-class writing instruction

― Training faculty in more efficient and effective methods of feedback on student writing

Dr. Hodges can be contacted at or in office 313C.