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Transformative Educational Experience Grants

2018-2019 Winners | 2017-2018 Winners | 2016-2017 Winners | 2015-2016 Winners

Each year, faculty and staff are invited to submit proposals for transformative educational experiences for our students. These experiences, often also described as high-impact educational practices, are intended to shape significantly a student’s education by fostering such attributes as critical and creative thinking, communication skills and intercultural engagement. Such experiences include, but are not limited to classroom teaching innovation, international experiences, intercultural engagement, service learning, student-faculty research and collaborative projects.

Since 2015, A&M Qatar has funded over twenty projects that have ranged from a student-faculty collaboration to publish a children’s book on combustion engines in Arabic and English, to a week-long student workshop in partnership with the University of Groningen focused on ‘Humanitarian Engineering’.



2018-2019 Winners

A Toolkit for Technical Communication in Qatar
Dr. Amy Hodges (Liberal Arts), Alaa Abdalla (student), Midhat Javaid (student)

Engineering Sustainable Peace, 4th Int’l Humanitarian Engineering Workshop
Dr. Hassan Bashir (Liberal Arts), Dr. Patrick Linke (CHEN), Dr. Zohreh Eslami (Liberal Arts) and Dr. James Rogers (Liberal Arts)

Enhancing Students’ Learning Experience Through Immersion in 3D Simulated Environment
Dr. Hamid Parsaei (MEEN)

iMajlis: Prototype Online Platform for an Integrated Learning Community
Dr. Bing Guo (MEEN), Yeran Soukiassian (Science), Lovai Shipchandler (IT) 

AMiRA Phase 1 – Aggies Mixed Reality Academy for Students and Educators
Dr. Konstantinos Kakosimos (CHEN), Dr. Ghada Salama (CHEN), Dr. Amy Hodges (Liberal Arts), Marcin Kozusnik (CHEN), Ali Sheharyar



2017-2018 Winners

Multidisciplinary Projects in Engineering Education
Yasser Al-Hamidi (MEEN), Dr. Shehab Ahmad (ECEN), Dr. Konstantinos Kakosimos (CHEN) and Dr. Aziz Rahman (PETE) 

Redesigning the Organic Teaching CHEM 238 to Deliver Engineering Concepts
Dr. Sherzod Madrahimov (Science) and Ibrahim El-Zoghbi (Science) 

Peer-Mentoring for Female Engineering Students
Dr. Annie Ruimi (MEEN), and Dr. Ghada Salama (CHEN) 

Engineering Technologies for Life Sciences
Dr. Erchin Serpedin (ECEN), Dr. Jim Ji (ECEN) and Dr. Khalid Qaraqe (ECEN) 

Qatar Under Siege
Sherry Ward (Liberal Arts) 

Development of Virtual Field Trips Using the Augmented and Virtual Reality Tools to Enhance the Student Learning Experience in PETE Courses
Ali Sheharyar, Dr. Thomas Seers (PETE), Dr. Mohamed Fadlemula (PETE) and Dr. Othmane Bouhali (Science) 

Humanitarian Engineering Workshop
Dr. Hassan Bashir (Liberal Arts), Dr. Patrick Linke (CHEN), Dr. Zohreh Eslami (Liberal Arts) and Dr. James Rogers (Liberal Arts)



2016-2017 Winners

Development of Virtual Outcrop Fieldtrips for Petroleum Engineers 
Dr. Thomas Seers (PETE), Dr. Mohamed Fadlelmula (PETE) and Dr. Othmane Bouhali (Science) 

Developing Engineering Students Intercultural Communication Competence: A telecollaborative project between TAMU and TAMUQ students
Dr. Zohreh Eslami (Liberal Arts), Amjad Abdo (Student Affairs) and Dr. Svetlana Kurtes (Liberal Arts) 

Redefine the Education Experience via Augmented Reality Tools EduART 
Dr. Konstantinos Kakosimos, Dr. Ghada Salama and Dr. Marcelo Castier (CHEN)

Being Female and an Engineering Student in Qatar: Successes, Challenges, and Recommendations
Dr. Sara Hillman (Liberal Arts), Dr. Ghada Salama (CHEN) and Emilio Ocampo Eibenschutz (Liberal Arts) 

Use of 3D Virtual Reality to Enhance Student Learning Experience in STEM Courses
Dr. Bilal Mansoor (MEEN), Marwa AbdelGawad (MEEN), Dr. Outhmane Bouhali (Science), Dr. Ghada Salama (CHEN) and Ali Sheharyar (Research Computing) 

Why Can’t I Just Work On My Own?: Engineering Collaboration Amongst Aggies
Erin Wehrenberg (Students Affairs) and Khadija Mahsud (ASC) 

Enhancement of An Undergraduate Research Course
Dr. Bing Guo, Dr. Sami El-Borgi, Dr. Vijay Panchang and Dr. Reza Sadr (MEEN) 

Humanitarian Engineering - 2nd International Summer Workshop
Dr. Bashir (Liberal Arts), Dr. Patrick Linke (CHEN) and Dr. Rogers (Liberal Arts)



2015-2016 Winners

Exploring Engineering: The Internal Combustion Enginer – A Children’s Book
Dr. Leslie Seawright (Liberal Arts), Dr. Ibrahim Hassan (MEEN) 

Towards a Whole New Engineering Education: Investigating the Culture of Learning at Innovative Engineering Colleges
Dr. Mysti Rudd (Liberal Arts), Raelene Dufresne (Science) 

Engineering ePortfolios: Curating Digital Identities for Academic and Professional Success
Dr. Mysti Rudd (Liberal Arts), Khadija Mahsud (ASC)

Research Methods and Experiences: A Special Topic Course for Promoting Undergraduate Research
Dr. Bing Guo (MEEN) 

Humanitarian Engineering International Workshop
Dr. Hassan Bashir (Liberal Arts), Dr. Patrick Linke (CHEN), Dr. Philip Gray (Liberal Arts) 

First Stage to Prepare Skilled Engineers for the Gas Processing Field
Dr. Nimir ElBashir (PETE, CHEN)