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Texas A&M at Qatar graduates well-rounded engineers with the leadership, crticial-thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to lead Qatar's transformation into a modern, knowledge-based society. This tradition of excellence begins while students are enrolled at Texas A&M at Qatar, excelling not just in their studies but also in competitions that put their knowledge and skills to the test. These brilliant, compassionate engineers also take pride in being part of — and giving back to — their community. While part of Texas A&M at Qatar, graduate students join a close-knit community of fellow student researchers working to advance their careers and industries. Students can join the Graduate Student Association, visit one of Education City's many sights, and more.

Graduate students beginning their journey at Texas A&M at Qatar also attend a mandatory New Student Orientation where they are introduced to life in Qatar and what to expect ifrom their time at Texas A&M at Qatar.

Education City

Texas A&M at Qatar is situated in Education City, Qatar Foundation's flagship initiative. Education City is home to various U.S. universities, a national library, recreational centers with gyms, pools, food courts, and much more.

For more about Education City, visit Qatar Foundation's website

Student Housing

Student Housing at Qatar Foundation.pngStudent Housing at Qatar Foundation.png

Texas A&M at Qatar students have the opportunity to stay in Qatar Foundation's state-of-art housing complexes. Qatar Foundation's student housing offers four different types of units, with each resident having a private bedroom and bathroom. These units are also designed to be in close proximity with communal spaces such as study areas, TV lounges, prayer rooms, and laundry facilities.

Available units at both the men's and women's residential complexes include:

  • Single-person room
  • One-bedroom apartment, with a kitchenette and a lounge
  • Two-bedroom apartment, with a shared kitchenette and lounge
  • Studio apartment: one main room consisting of a bedroom, kitchenette, and lounge

All units are fully furnished, including bedding, Internet access, a television, an electronic whiteboard, and modular furniture that lets students personalize their space.

For more information about Qatar Foundation's student housing, visit their website.