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Graduate Students Association-Qatar


About GSA-Q 

The GSA-Q’s purpose is to wellbeing and the academic and professional development of graduate students at Texas A&M University at Qatar. It aims to be the connection between graduate students and the administration by representing the graduate students’ concerns, opinions and interests. They sponsor, coordinate and support graduate student activities and build unity in the graduate student body while developing a respect for cultural differences. The GSA looks after graduate students’ needs and help them find solution to their problems while encouraging leadership and professional development, organizational skills and responsibility.

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The goals of this association are:

  1. To foster a sense of community for current and former graduate students
  2. To aid the academic and professional development of graduate students
  3. Represent the graduate student body and help address its concerns
  4. To sponsor, coordinate and support graduate student activities

Meet the Team

2022-2023 Officers

President: Anurag Srivastava

Vice President: Hazim Mohamed

Secretary: Iresha Poonahela

Academic and Professional Chair: Yemna Qaiser

First-Year Representative: Abdulla Zaza

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Grad Cable, Vol. 1 (October 2020)
Grad Cable, Vol. 2 (November 2020)
Grad Cable, Vol. 3 (December 2020)
Grad Cable, Vol. 4 (February 2021)
Grad Cable, Vol. 5 (March 2021)
Grad Cable, Vol. 6 (April 2021)
Grad Cable, Vol. 7 (November 2021)
Grad Cable, Vol. 8 (December 2021)
Grad Cable, Vol. 9 (February 2022)
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Grad Cable, Vol. 12 (May 2022)

Upcoming Events

The following events are planned for Fall 2022. To keep up with the latest updates, follow us on Instagram


Planned Activity

23 Aug. 2022

Welcome Event

Early September 2022

Social Event 1 — Karak & Games

11-15 Sept. 2022

CTL Workshop 1 — The DIssertation Writing Process

Mid September 2022

Social Event 2 — Karak & Games, Faculty Panel

Late September 2022

Success Insight 1 — Instagram

1 Oct. 2022

Grad Cable, Vol. 13

Early October 2022

Graduate Seminar Series 1: Issac Sujay

Mid October 2022

“Workload Management for Graduate Students”

22 Oct. 2022

CTL Workshop 2: POWER Workshops

29 Oct. 2022

BBQ Beach Social

1 Nov. 2022

Grad Cable, Vol. 14

Early November 2022

Graduate Seminar Series 2: TBD

Past events

Graduate Research Forum 2022

Career Readiness Week 2022

3MT (3-Minute Thesis) Competition