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Industry leaders to visit Texas A&M at Qatar

Published Oct 17, 2009

Texas A&M at Qatar on 25 Oct. will host Industry Day to showcase the University's engineering programs to Qatar's industrial leaders. Faculty members will present research and senior design projects. Students also will have an opportunity to meet industry respresentives. Companies participating in Industry Day include QP, RasGas, QatarGas, Occidental Petroleum Qatar Ltd., Maersk Oil Qatar AS, Wintershall…

Kent to debate on Obama's Nobel Prize

Published Oct 17, 2009

Dr. Todd Kent, senior assistant professor of political science, on 4 Nov. will participate in a debate titled "Does President Obama Deserve the Prize?" The focus of the debate surrounds US President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize and opens up questions about his first year in office. Kent will debate Dr. Gary Wasserman, visiting professor of American government at Georgetown University School…

Aggies set for soccer matches against Wildcats and Bears

Published Oct 14, 2009

The Aggie men's soccer team will face off against the Wildcats of Northwestern University in Qatar on Thursday at 8 p.m. On Saturday, the men's team will play against the Bears of Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar. The game is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. Both games will be played at the soccer pitch across from the recreation center. For information contact Jeffrey Sulik:

Science program to present lecture on rare isotope research

Published Oct 14, 2009

Dr. Klaus Dieter Arnim Wendt, professor of physics at the University of Maiz, on Thursday will present "Quantum Optics for Rare Isotope Research via RIMS." The lecture will focus on the theoretical background and the experimental prerequisites that are elaborated for the development and application of the techniques to obtain highest isotopic selectivity. The lecture is scheduled to begin  at 12…

EAGE to visit Texas A&M at Qatar

Published Oct 12, 2009

During its upcoming student lecture tour of the Middle East, the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers will visit Texas A&M at Qatar. Professor Alain Prinzhofer, IFP geochemist, on 18 Oct. will present "Contribution of Crustal and Mantelic Fluids on the Functioning of Petroleum Systems." The lecture will focus on how petroleum systems should be viewed as sedimentary…

Texas A&M at Qatar to host distinguished lecture series

Published Oct 08, 2009

Texas A&M at Qatar next week will host the first installment of its distinguished lecture series. The lecture series is designed to encourage discourse among the Texas A&M at Qatar and the local communities on important topics in the field of engineering.The first lecture of the series, "Engineering Education in Transition," on 20 Oct. will be presented by Dr. L.S. "Skip"…

Department of Student Affairs to host Gig 'em week

Published Oct 05, 2009

The Department of Student Affairs on 18 Oct will kickoff Gig 'em week 2009. Several events, designed to showcase and celebrate the Aggie spirit, include Maroon day, Aggieland Market, Chili Cook-off, Ring Day, and Make a Difference day. "The goal of Gig 'em week is to introduce and promote the values of Texas A&M at Qatar," Rachel White, a student development specialist in the Department of Student…

Texas A&M at Qatar hits the airwaves

Published Oct 05, 2009

Tune in to QF Radio's newest show, Campus Buzz, to hear the latest news and information from Texas A&M University at Qatar. Created by students, Campus Buzz is designed to showcase the different perspectives and activities happening in Education City. For information on how to download the latest edition of Campus Buzz visit

Latest publication by Work released

Published Oct 04, 2009

David Work, visiting assistant professor of history, released his latest work, "Lincoln's Political Generals," published by University of Illinois Press. In this book, Work examines the policy of appointing political generals to build a national coalition to fight and win the Civil War. Work follows the careers of sixteen generals through the war to assess their contributions and to ascertain how…

Texas A&M hires physics Nobel laureate

Published Oct 01, 2009

Texas A&M has hired a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, the fifth recipient of the prestigious international award to join the university's faculty. David Lee, who shared the award with two colleagues in 1996, will move his research program and laboratory from Cornell University to Texas A&M University.For the full story, visit