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Aggies Commit Festival celebrates QEP


Texas A&M at Qatar has unveiled a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) aimed at encouraging students to learn throughout life instead of only during their years in traditional education. The initiative, titled “Aggies Commit to Learning for a Lifetime,” seeks to empower students to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes that will promote their lifelong learning. The University has adopted the initiative along with its home campus, Texas A&M University, in College Station, TX, US, as part of its re-accreditation process, but it is already making the initiative its own through events and activities such the Aggies Commit Festival hosted at the Texas A&M Engineering Building on 14 March. The festival included booths where groups of students, faculty and staff demonstrated what learning for a lifetime means to them. Dr. Mark H. Weichold, dean and CEO, said, “Texas A&M at Qatar has always been committed to promoting a culture of lifetime learning among its students and the local community through its continuing education courses, graduate studies program, public lectures and other initiatives. With the introduction of our QEP, we are further challenging and encouraging our students, faculty and staff to make the idea of lifelong learning their own." For information contact Dr. Eric Wilson:, +974.4423.0221.