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Faculty and staff honored at annual ceremony

Published Apr 28, 2013

Many members of University faculty and staff were recently honored in the annual faculty and staff awards. Below is the list of 2012-2013 recipients.

Dean’s Meritorious Service Award

  • Carol Nader

Dean’s Leadership Award

  • Dr. Todd Kent

 STAR Awards

  • Mohammed Aqel

  • Kais AbdulMawjood

  • Geeta Megchiani

 Faculty Excellence Award

  • Dr. Mohamed Nounou

 Faculty Research Excellence Award

  • Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Wahab

 Research Fellow Excellence Awards

  • Dr. Fawaz Al-Qahtani

  • Dr. Behrouz Ebrahimi

Research Team Excellence Award

  • Dr. Milivoj Belic

 Richard E. Ewing Awards for Excellence in Student Research

  • Mohammed Al-Jubouri - undergrad