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University student to be finalist in science competition

Published Nov 08, 2012

Jaber Al-Henzab, senior mechanical engineering student, is one of the top four finalists in the Stars of Science competition. Al-Henzab was selected as finalist for his work on WASFA, a device that automatically dispenses and regulates pill-talking for patients in their own homes.

Once a caregiver has filled the machine with a week's needed pills, they can set the machine to dispense proper dosage and at specific times. WASFA then uses audio and visual alarms to alert patients it's time to take the pills. If a dosage is missed, WASFA, which is connected to the internet, will send an SMS alert to caregivers, noting the missed dosage. WASFA comes with a real-time monitoring system where doctors have access to full pill-taking history.

The winner of the competition will be announced on 8 November during an MBC4 broadcast beginning at 7:30 p.m.