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Former student's paper recognized by journal and awarded for excellence

Published Jun 22, 2017

The paper, “Corrosion evaluation of Ti-6Al-4V parts produced with an electron beam melting machine,” written by former student Dana Abdeen has been designated by the Rapid Prototyping Journal as a 2017 Highly Commended Paper and recipient of the 2017 Emerald Publishing Literati Network Award for Excellence. The paper presented the thesis research conducted by former master's student Abdeen, who graduated in 2014, and is co-written by Dr. Bruce Palmer, former chair of the Chemical Engineering Program. Abdeen’s research demonstrated that grade-5 titanium parts produced by rapid prototyping exhibit outstanding corrosion resistance. This result is a key finding as this alloy is used in many critical applications such as aerospace airframe parts, aerospace engine components, marine equipment, power-generation machinery and metal orthopedic joints. Rapid prototyping is a technique used to quickly produce highly complex parts from a computer-aided design model. It can produce more quickly, and at lower cost, than conventional fabrication processes and is quickly assuming the role of a major fabrication technique.