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Former student obtains chartered engineer licensure

Published Jan 01, 2018

Former student Hazem Abdel-Moati has been registered as a chartered engineer with the Engineering Council, the United Kingdom’s regulatory body of the engineering profession.

A chartered engineer is one of the highest standards of professional licensing within the engineering field. Applicants are expected to not only possess an in-depth knowledge of the field, they should also be able to demonstrate technical leadership skills, project management as well as effective interpersonal skills in communicating technical matters. A graduate degree in engineering and a minimum four years of industry experience until reaching a position of authority are the few basic requirements to be able to apply for the chartership.

“Completing my master’s degree at Texas A&M at Qatar was the first step on the laborious road to chartership,” said Abdel-Moati, currently a Senior Research Engineer at ExxonMobil Research Qatar, “from then on, the process took about a year and a half to go through all the stages.”

Prior to his current position with ExxonMobil, Abdel-Moati, who graduated from Texas A&M at Qatar in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, has had extensive experience in the company as a research engineer from 2009 including an eight-month employment period as a process engineer at RasGas Company Limited, as an ExxonMobil secondee. He was also a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). In 2016, Abdel-Moati received his master’s in chemical engineering from Texas A&M at Qatar and has expressed interest in pursuing a doctorate degree within the next couple of years.

“Successful applicants are allowed to use the suffix CEng as recognition of their status and have to abide by annual minimum continuous education requirements to stay registered with the Chartered Engineer,” Abdel-Moati said. Apart from validation of his expertise, Abdel-Moati also added that his new certification will enable him to access better career opportunities within his company.

 “Studying for my bachelor and master degrees at Texas A&M at Qatar has given me the necessary skills and prepared me for a great career across 2 different organizations in the oil and gas industry,” said Abdel-Moati. “That career spanned a wide range of fields from R&D, to research program management, to process safety, process engineering, facilities design and surveillance.”