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Schuller attends project-based learning workshop offered by Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Published Sep 11, 2018

Dr. Michael Schuller, instructional associate professor in the Mechanical Engineering Program, participated in the 2018 Workshop on Project-based Learning, a two-day intensive program designed by Worcester Polytechnic Institute to help educators from Texas A&M further develop their skills at implementing best practices in project-based education. Schuller joined approximately 28 educators on the main campus in College Station for the workshop last month.

Dr. Schuller worked closely with workshop facilitators to further his goals for advancing project-based learning, drawing on WPI’s 48 years of infusing project work into the student experience.

Dr. Schuller is one of 28 participants chosen to participate in the PBL workshop, focusing on:

  • Internalize a desire to use project-based learning
  • Articulate the benefits of project-based learning in the higher education classroom
  • Describe how project-based learning improves teaching and student learning
  • Define essential project design elements
  • Apply a backward design process to the development of projects for students
  • Identify formative and summative approaches for assessing student project work, including the use of rubrics
  • Develop and support projects and capstone experiences for students, including identifying project topics, designing assignments, and structuring project schedules
  • Scaffold student autonomy in project work, including forming and managing teams, enhancing student engagement, encouraging students to take ownership of a project, and evaluating student performance while working on teams in a variety of class sizes (15-100) 
  • Develop strategies to support student work on teams including fostering a culture of equity and inclusiveness so that all students have an excellent chance of benefiting

The 28 participants represent diverse campuses from across the Texas A&M flagship – Galveston, Qatar, School of Public Health (both College Station and McAllen campuses), and the Bush School. There is also a great wealth of diversity in the programs represented – from STEM to liberal arts to agriculture to education.