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Electrical and computer engineering students win Inter-Majors Debate contest

Published Dec 05, 2018

The Council of Debating Engineers (CODE) hosted the Inter-Majors Debate last month. In the first round, students representing each of the engineering programs debated the premise that all procedures to alter your appearance would be banned. In the final round, students representing the Chemical Engineering Program argued for the motion that guns should no longer be licensed to civilians whereas students from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Program spoke against the motion. Liberal arts faculty members Dr. Phillip Gray and Dr. Mark Van de Logt and Sabina Uzakova from the Department of Student Affairs served as judges. The panel declared Gibin George, Ayesha Azimuddin and Mohammed Zeid representing the Electrical and Computer Engineering Program as the winning major. The best speaker award was given to Bandar al-Abdulla from chemical engineering.