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Excellence and Service Awards winners announced

Published May 05, 2019

At the 2019 Excellence and Service Awards, the following award winners were announced:

Bryan Townsend, Dean’s Leadership Award
Iyad Abdel-Jawad, Dean’s Achievement Award
Kostas Kakosimos, Faculty Excellence Award
Nayef Alyafei, Teaching Excellence Award
Mansour Karkoub, Faculty Research Excellence Award
Muhammad Ismail, Research Fellow Excellence Award
Alreem Aldosari, Richard E. Ewing Award for Excellence in Student Research (Undergraduate)
Manar Oqbi, Richard E. Ewing Award for Excellence in Student Research (Graduate)

Germin Abdel Moati, STAR Award
Arvin Arugay, STAR Award
Hala El-Dakok, STAR Award
Noha Ezzat, STAR Award
Iman Kandil, STAR Award

The following employees were recognized for 15 years of service to Texas A&M at Qatar: 

  • Tingwen Huang, Professor, Science Program
  • Ahmed AbdelWahab, Professor, Chemical Engineering Program
  • Carol Nader, Director, Marketing, Communications and Events
  • Milivo, Belic, Professor, Science Program

The following employees were recognized for 20 years of total service to Texas A&M:

  • Stephen Wilson, Psychologist IV, Department of Student Affairs
  • Daryl Daniel, Director, Research Administration Services

The following employees were recognized for 10 years of service:

  • Edward Brothers, Associate Professor and Program Chair, Science Program
  • David Onchagwa, Manager-Environmental Health and Safety, Building Operations & HSSE
  • Othmane Bouhali, Director of Research Computing/Research Professor, Research Computing
  • Lina Brek, Administrative Coordinator I, Office of Admissions
  • Troy Bickham, Professor, Liberal Arts Program
  • Ehsan Nagi, Business Coordinator II, Human Resources
  • Tomasz Olewski, Research Scientist, Research
  • Mohammad Obaidah Shaqfeh, Associate Research Scientist, Research
  • Cherine Ahmed, Administrative Coordinator II, Office of Graduate Studies
  • Ibrahim Almaghrabi, Technical Laboratory Coordinator, Petroleum Engineering Program
  • Arvin Neile Arugay, Technical Laboratory Coordinator, Chemical Engineering Program
  • Neenu Shaji, Learning Laboratory Coordinator, Science Program
  • Rola Abou Ghaida, Senior Administrative Coordinator I, Academic Affairs
  • Susan Rozario, Administrative Coordinator I, Building Operations & HSSE