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Yoon and Afzal receive best oral presentation awards at global warming conference

Published May 08, 2019

Postdoctoral research associate Dr. Sun Hee Yoon and graduate assistant Shaik Afzal received the best oral presentation awards at the 8th Global Conference on Global Warming in Doha. Yoon's presentation, “Mechanistic study for unraveling the photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction to formic acid at a mixed ternary and binary phases,” is based on research outcomes from NPRP cycle 7 and 10 projects led by Qatar University faculty member Dr. Dong Suk Han, in collaboration with Dr. Nimir Elbashir. Afzal's presentation, “DRM+COSORB process for high H2/CO syngas production,” showed an alternative way to produce syngas using CO2, resulting in a lower carbon footprint and lower operating costs. It is part of Elbashir's NPRP-Exceptional Proposal project in collaboration with Northwestern University and TOTAL and is in the process of being patented.