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Krolikowski, Liu and Switkowski publish paper in Nature Communications

Published Jul 28, 2019

Temporary research associate Shan Liu, postdoctoral research associate Dr. Krzysztof Switkowski and physics professor Dr. Wieslaw Krolikowski from the Science Program have recently published research in Nature Communications. Co-written with collaborators from Australia and China, the paper, "Nonlinear wavefront shaping with optically induced three-dimensional nonlinear photonic crystals," provides an experimental example of a multilayer nonlinear structures in ferroelectric crystals which are used to convert incoming infrared beam into light of different color and shape for applications in new light sources, optical telecommunication and displays.



Figure shows wave shaping via second harmonic generation in 3-diemnsional nonlinear photonic crystal. Left: Three-layer fork nonlinear structures fabricated in the bulk of ferroelectric crystal. Right: Simultaneous emission of six donut beams (optical vortices) from the layered structure.