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Eslami receives a QF grant for collaborative research project

Published Jul 31, 2019
Dr. Zohreh Eslami, professor and chair of the Liberal Arts Program, has received a grant from Qatar Foundation for the project, "The shifting meanings of fatherhood in Qatar’s transition to a knowledge-based economy," in collaboration with Qatar University and Texas A&M's main campus. Eslami said that many years of research have shown that family involvement in a child's life is the most important predictor of future success. Yet little research currently exists that examines the involvement of Qatari fathers in their children’s lives. As part of the study, a cadre of male and female undergraduate students in Qatar interested in gaining experience in social scientific research will be recruited to participate in the design and implementation of the research. The study aims to fill this gap in the scholarship on fatherhood in Qatar, while simultaneously training undergraduates based in Qatar in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.