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Texas A&M at Qatar hosts QAST students in STEM Hub

Published Aug 28, 2019


Incoming students from the Qatar Academy for Science & Technology spent part of their first week of school working at Texas A&M University at Qatar in its STEM Hub, which is funded by the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF). Eleven 10th grade students learned the history and engineering of lighter-than-air craft as they designed and flew their own remote-controlled indoor airships. Dr. Mohamed Gharib, a STEM coordinator at Texas A&M at Qatar and expert in aviation engineering, spearheaded the group in engineering design and model construction. Another group of more than 20 eighth and ninth graders were teamed up with Texas A&M at Qatar’s Tala Katbeh and Benjamin Cieslinski to learn basic algorithm construction and robotics engineering using LEGO kits. Through a complex series of challenges, students used their creativity and innovation to design robots to complete intricate tasks.