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Palestinian Cultural Club hosts event to present faces of Palestine

Published Sep 18, 2019


The Palestinian Cultural Club (PCC) recently hosted the event "Hope is Born from Pain" that presented to the Aggie community the major opposite sides and faces of Palestine: hope and pain. PCC members worked to bring to life the painful truth that the people of Palestine face daily. During the event, the Link Atrium was split into two themes presenting these opposite sides. A painful theme of arrests, tortures and years behind bars was presented to attendees who could see the horrific reality Palestinians face on daily basis due to occupation. This theme also included several oppressed “prisoners” who have faced and are still facing this reality. In addition to this, a letters booth shared rea-life letters from the prisoners to their families and friends. PCC ended this theme with a booth that contained a drink of water and salt, the only nutrient supply prisoners feed on to protect their stomachs when they go on hunger strikes. 

From the other side of the Link Atrium shone hope, rich in culture, happiness and love. PCC members presented a cultural embroidery booth that also gave the opportunity to fellow Aggies to try some embroidery activities. The other booths contained Palestinian cultural outfits, handicrafts, and delicious kunafah and Palestinian tea. Finally, the dabkah team entered the atrium from each side and came together to present a cultural dabkah performance with Palestinial cultural songs to create a Palestinian vibe among fellow Aggies.