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Upcoming continuing and professional education courses

Published Oct 02, 2019

Texas A&M University at Qatar will offer three continuing education courses in the coming weeks.

HAZOP Leadership - From Good to Great (27-31 Oct. 2019) will go beyond traditional HAZOP courses and challenges facilitators to embrace their role in the future possibility of zero process safety accidents. The course will introduce the concept of demanding more from the HAZOP team, leading them to uncover “what they didn’t know they didn’t know.” 

Harnessing Photovoltaic Solar Energy: Materials to Grid Connection (30-31 Oct. 2019) is oriented toward stakeholders in industry, government, and research. It contains three modules that will cover the topics of solar materials design and synthesis, diffuse (photovoltaics; PV) and concentrating solar technologies, and balance of systems for grid-integration. This course will cover the fundamentals of photovoltaic systems from materials and design through to the grid-connection.

Fundamentals and Practices of Process Safety Management for Engineers and Managers (3-7 Nov. 2019) is designed to teach and apply the fundamentals of process safety management. The content is comprehensive and provides extensive analysis, worked out examples, and case histories. The primary emphasis of this course is to summarize the important technical and management fundamentals of process safety. The emphasis on the fundamentals helps the practicing engineer understand the concepts and apply them accordingly.

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