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Al-Hashimi’s research highlighted on Chemistry of Materials cover

Published Nov 26, 2019



A paper titled "Indacenodithiazole-Ladder-Type Bridged Di(thiophene)-Difluoro-Benzothiadiazole-Conjugated" from Dr. Mohammed Al-Hashimi’s group was featured on the cover of the November issue of the Chemistry of Materials (2019, 31, 22, 9488-9496), which has an impact factor of 10.16. The field of π-conjugated organic semiconductors has significantly advanced over the last decade due to the extensive research that has been carried out for the fabrication of cost-effective, large-area and flexible printed plastic electronics. The research supported by QNRF (project NPRP-8-221-1-047) highlights four new structurally related electron-accepting copolymers as important building blocks for high-performance n-type copolymers in organic optoelectronic devices.