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Petroleum engineering students visit QP facility in Dukhan

Published Nov 27, 2019


Petroleum engineering sophomore students visited Qatar Petroleum's facilities in Dukhan recently.

The students toured QP's drilling operations, visited a rig site and the first Dukhan well. The visit enabled the students to learn more about drilling operations, drilling rig components, drilling fluids, and directional drilling. It also gave them insights into the real-life work environment of professional engineers in the oil and gas industry.

The visit began with basic hydrogen sulfide training to ensure students aware the particular hazards and properties of H2S and the appropriate response actions to take in case of emergency.

The trip was led by Dr. Albertus Retnanto who remarked that industry visits and other forms of practical learning are critical in the Petroleum Engineering Program so that students can easily relate what they study in classrooms to real-life industry applications.