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Texas A&M at Qatar students race chemical-powered car

Published Nov 27, 2019


Students at Texas A&M University at Qatar recently raced their chemical-powered car in the Chem-e-car competition in Orlando, Fla. (USA).

The annual contest sponsored by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) featured 42 teams from around the world this year. The goal is to design and build a car powered by a chemical energy source to safely carry a varied load of water over a distance of 25 m which changes annually.

Aysha Melhim, a Class of 2022 chemical engineering major who was part of the Texas A&M at Qatar team, said the team worked for most of the past year on designing the car, from its battery to its stopping mechanism.

“Even though this competition required a lot dedication and hard work, working with the team was really enjoyable,” she said. “We were in the lab three times a week for three to four hours at a time. But seeing the car move and going there and meeting people from other teams and other universities made it all worth it.”

The team is already thinking of how to improve the car for next year’s competition.

Melhim said, “I believe that finding ways of improving the car for next year would be optimal which is a major part of the ChemEcar competition. My advice is to use every second you have so you can represent the university at Qatar the best you can.”  

The members of this year’s team were:
Team leaders — Isha Abbasi and Hourig Ohanian
Car construction — Ohanian and Abdulrahman Sayedahmed
Battery — Leen Al Homoud, Ebtihal Youssef, Aysha Melhim and Seham Al-Baker
Stopping mechanism — Abbasi, Bandar Al-Abdulla, Rawan Abdulgadir, Nivinya Vinurika and Abdulla Zaza
Consultants — Taha Kubbar, Saad Moazam and Zeinab Ataya
Faculty advisor — Dr. Ghada Salama