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Event celebrates culture and heritage of Palestine

Published Nov 28, 2019


Texas A&M at Qatar's Palestinian Cultural Club organized and planned the recent Education City-wide Palestinian Night that reflected the rich culture and heritage of Palestine to the EC student body, faculty and staff.

The event included several performances that reflected the different parts of the culture and reality that Palestinians live by, starting with a poem about Palestine's beauty and suffering written and recited by Bayan Khaled. The Palestinian traditional dance (dabkeh), ever-present in Palestinian events, was presented to spread  joy to the audience who enjoyed the cultural performances and music.

PCC president Yousef Diab said that since pain and suffering are witnessed every day in Palestine, PCC members prepared a unique performance that reflected the determination and resistance of the Palestinian people and how they stand up after every fall in order to raise their flag again. Attendees cycled back to joy when the main performance of the event, the Palestinian Wedding, started. This performance included the different steps followed by the bride and the groom in a Palestinian wedding.

Finally, Texas A&M at Qatar's students — each representing their own countries — shared their thoughts and feelings about Palestine through a performance that reflected the Arab unity and love towards Palestine. The huge number of attendees enjoyed Palestinian food live stations of kunafeh, falafel and shawarma, keeping in their hearts big footprints of beloved Palestine and its culture, Diab said.