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Undergraduate research team places second in QNRF competition

Published Apr 29, 2020


A team of Texas A&M at Qatar students recently placed second in the Qatar National Research Fund’s Undergraduate Research Experience Program competition.

The team of AlReem al-Dosari, Soltan Mohamed and Buthaina al-Abdulla were recognized for their project on the effect of nanoparticles on alternative fuel sprays at high-pressure conditions.

Led by associate professor Dr. Reza Sadr and research assistant scientist Dr. Kumaran Kannaiyan of the Mechanical Engineering Program, the team investigated the impact of nanoparticles on the non-reacting spray characteristics of alternative gas-to-liquid, or GTL; conventional jet A1, and a blend of jet fuels at 50-50% volume ratio at different ambient gas pressures relevant to practical conditions.

Recent literature shows that dispersion of nanoscale metal particles in liquid fuels has gained significant interest recently because this dispersion can influence combustion efficiency and pollution generation without affecting the mechanical system in fuel delivery systems. However, the dispersion of nanoparticles can alter the physical properties of the fuel, which in turn can affect atomization of the fuel that eventually affects the emission characteristics. A better understanding of the atomization phenomena is essential to recognize its influence on later processes.

Al-Dosari said, “This research program has contributed to making me a well-rounded graduate, and now I am able to apply to high-ranked graduate schools with an impressive research studies record. Moreover, it opened my eyes to contemporary problems that the industries in Qatar and around the world are facing. It has motivated me to keep working hard to serve my country and contribute to its 
research infrastructure.”

QNRF held its annual competition online this year in collaboration with Qatar Shell Research and Technology Centre. Of the 46 projects, 14 were selected and teams were invited to pitch in front of an expert panel of judges in a webinar open to the public.

The UREP contest is designed to promote research-based education and hands-on learning, helping students gain experience of team-based research and collaboration with faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and other undergraduates or research staff in Qatar.