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New webinar series focuses on commercialization of deep technologies

Published Jun 24, 2020

Texas A&M University at Qatar is partnering with the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES), Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology (France) and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) to organize a series of webinars focus on commercializing deep technologies. 

The Deep Tech Talk Webinar Series will present and discuss experiences about the path for commercialization of deep technologies that advance scientific frontiers. The international advisory board for the series consists of members of academia and industry from around the world.

The first webinar will be on 13 July from 4 to 6:15 p.m. (Doha time) and will feature a keynote presentation, "The Path for Commercialization of Deep Technologies," given by Arnaud de la Tour, CEO of Hello Tomorrow. After the keynote, company perspectives will be presented by Dr. Blake Teipel from Essentium Inc., Cosimi Corleto from STIL Company, and Dr. Sam Saltiel of BETA CAE Systems. A panel discussion will follow.

The Deep Tech Talks Webinar Series will focus on attributes of deep technologies (impact, disruptive, time and scale, investment); opportunities and challenges in the development of disruptive technologies; collaborations in the ecosystem; and the roles of universities in the ecosystem. Deep technologies address the biggest societal and environmental challenges and shape the way we solve the most pressing global issues. They have significant impact in diverse industries such as agriculture, health care, energy and transportation. Examples of deep technologies include advanced materials, artificial intelligence, blockchain, biotechnology, drones and robotics, photonics and electronics, and quantum computing. Disruptive deep technologies require considerable development time. Overall, deep technologies have a strong research base that requires large investments and challenging business models.

Faculty, researchers and graduate students interested in moving ideas to the marketplace will find this webinar series valuable. In addition, startup companies will benefit from the seminars about paths for commercialization and potential partnerships with universities.

Speakers for this webinar series will have significant expertise in:

  • Transfer of technologies from a university setting to the marketplace
  • Integration of technologies in corporations
  • Acceleration of transfer of product to the marketplace through startup companies 
  • Agencies that support transfer of research outcomes to marketplace

Register here for the first webinar or click here to download the webinar invitation. More information on the webinar series can be found here