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STEAM initiative hosts annual research colloquium

Published Mar 30, 2021

The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) initiative at Texas A&M University at Qatar hosted its annual STEAM Research Colloquium on 24 March 2021 where experts explored “The Arts in the Scientific Imagination.” 

The colloquium invited speakers with diverse experiences in engineering, educational consulting, political science, rhetoric and communication, computational geoscience and ethics to discuss how the modes of liberal arts thinking can be better integrated within science and engineering solution-driven frameworks.

Panelists included Ann Kaiser, founder of ProjectEngin LLC, a STEM education consulting firm, and Dr. Andreas Karatsolis, associate director of writing, rhetoric and professional communication at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They were joined by panelists from Texas A&M at Qatar: Dr. Thomas Seers from the Petroleum Engineering Program, and Dr. Hassan Bashir and Dr. Phillip Gray from the Liberal Arts Program.

The STEAM Initiative is headed by Texas A&M at Qatar’s Liberal Arts Program with aim of incorporating the arts into STEM education to educate well-rounded engineering leaders.